Something that is really important for me, in everything that I do, is to be honest and authentic. So, you won't find a completely different version of me 'behind-the-scenes'! I strive to 'do' business, the way that I 'do' life; compassionately, intuitively, respectfully, wholeheartedly... 😊

I love not having a 'full schedule' for my day, because I work and live best in an intuitive flow, where I do what feels good to me. I love simplicity (despite being multi-passionate!) and take soo much pleasure in the small things in life...

One of my favourite times of day is sitting with my morning coffee, journaling. Or sitting quietly in meditation before I start creating something new. I love going for walks in nature.

I am a Generator 6/2 in 'Human Design' and so my preferred way of living is, genuinely, 'just' about doing what feels good! It has taken me a long time to fully embrace that and give myself 'permission' to do that - and it's an ongoing journey, of course - but, once I started doing that, it was like everything started to 'click' into place.

New opportunities opened up, new people came into my life, my energy soared to an extent where I didn't really know how to handle it!! 😅 It has been such a game-changer for me to 'allow' myself to do what feels good for me...It has brought so much goodness and yumminess into my life, and I am forever grateful 🥰

Music is a big passion of mine, and I both enjoy listening to music, playing music and also write my own songs. I write transformational, spiritual music about life and the ups and downs that we go through (more on that here). It's still evolving for me, and I'm excited to see where it takes me.

I also love dancing and I have been groove dancing (intuitive dance) since 2022 💃 This form of movement has helped me ground and get into my body, helped me feel so joyous and abundant, as well as help me give space to all that I am and all that I've been feeling. It has also helped me reconnect with my feminine, creative and sensual side 🥰

Though I love to travel and experience new things, I am very much a 'home-bird'. I'm often compared to the hobbits in Lord of the Rings (another passion of mine, alongside Harry Potter) because I simply LOVE small comforts, such as, good food, gentle flow and deep conversations. It doesn't take much to make me happy and feel good but, naturally, I also get thrown off track and it's an ongoing journey to continue to come back 'home' to myself and my core 💚

Being able to do life and business on my own terms has been such a blessing and I feel that I'm only just at the beginning of truly living this beautiful life to the full!

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Victoria Thygesen