Victoria Thygesen

Danish Singer-Songwriter

Victoria navigates life's twists and turns through her music, seeking deeper meaning and clarity on the journey towards authenticity. She is a true dreamer and she is here to spread joy, light, and inspiration to everyone she encounters.

About me...

Music has always been a significant part of my life. While I've been writing stories, poems, and songs since childhood, my serious songwriting journey began in my early teens, fuelled by dreams of becoming a professional performer.

With experiences ranging from solo performances to collaborations with bands, I primarily identify as a singer-songwriter, with lyrics written mostly in English, but also in Danish. My songs have always been deeply personal, and have always reflected my thoughts, processes and view on life.

After a 13-year hiatus, I returned to songwriting in late 2021, exploring diverse themes and seamlessly weaving in my spiritual beliefs and perspectives on healing and personal development, stemming from a decade of work as a life coach and energy healer.

Music serves as both a means of self-expression and inspiration for others. When I perform live, I always bring a story with me, a specific intention, and then I shape the setlist accordingly. For me, music and storytelling are incredibly transformative and I love facilitating healing and growth in this way.

Life according to me...

In 2022 I sat down to write a song about what I believe life is about, for me! It's not about pushing hard to 'achieve' a certain goal, or trying to keep up with what everybody else thinks is the 'right' thing for me to do... No, it's about flowing along, gently, with the divine timing of life and doing what feels good for me. It's about putting myself first, so that I can live an amazingly gorgeous and abundant life - filled with love, joy and compassion - and, so I can truly and authentically fulfil my purpose of serving and supporting others.