Embrace Your Authentic Self

Hi beautiful, I see you.

You are a creative, resourceful female entrepreneur who wants to live a soul-driven life where you can truly be yourself, live out your life’s purpose and create a positive impact in the world.

BUT – you are feeling stuck, overwhelmed,

Disconnected from yourself and your dream.

You feel you are taking action but not getting anywhere.

You feel you have to follow someone else’s recipe in order to get ‘real’ success.

You fear that you are simply not good enough for the kind of success that you really want.

But you are, my love. You. Are. Enough.

You are simply getting ready to level up, to embrace your authentic self so that you can create the success that you desire.

I am here to help you do that! šŸ’š

Hi, I'm Victoria

It'sĀ my mission in life to empower female entrepreneurs like you to embrace their authentic self so they can create the success they desire!

You know that you have a purpose! It has been haunting you all your life as a deep inner knowing that you were meant forĀ something more. You have taken the jump and started working for yourself and wow -Ā this feels sooo good! You justĀ know that this is what you are meant to do!Ā 

I felt that same knowing too.Ā It took me 30 years to fully bring my purpose to fruition, but it feels so much better than any other job I was doing.Ā But often when we are on the path of fulfiling our purpose, we can experience highs and lows that throw us out of the loop.Ā 

You get hit by doubt, andĀ imposter syndrome creeps in. You start working longer and longer hours, feeling overwhelmed and stuck trying to 'keep up' and you start questioning everything... Are you really cut out for this?? What is going on??

You are not going crazy, beautiful!

Doubt, imposter syndrome, and feeling stuck are all symptoms of what I like to call - Your Upleveling. And if you feel any of these trampling your business, it is a sign that you are ready to step into a higher version of yourself so you can keep showing up like the empowered, radiant entrepreneur you are.Ā 

You are simply at a stage where itā€™s time to move on to a higher level of self. ā And itĀ canĀ feel like everything is falling apart, but you are simply experiencing "growing pains".

I am here to empower you to transition to the next level of success.

So if you're feeling like everything is falling apart and nothing is working, I can help you fix that. I am equipped with tools that will guarantee you'll have a breakthrough moment so stuck turns into unstuck and allows you to reach the next stage of entrepreneurship.

HOW I CANĀ Help you on this journey

In the 1-1 sessions that I offer online, I help you move from where you are stuck at, to where you want to be.Ā Simple.

We deep dive into all the things that are cluttering your life and blocking you from embracing your authentic self and stepping into your full power.

We explore the things that needs to be healed and released in order for you to fully believe that you are enough to create the success that you desire.

We turn things around to give you the energy, clarity and motivation to take inspired action and create the life and business of your dreams - whatever that means to you!

On this journey, I will be your coach, your cheerleader, your guide, your gentle nudge forward, your most compassionate supporter and I ALWAYS have your back and believe in you, because I know that you are enough and that you have everything you need to create and live the life you desire!

I am so excited and honoured to be a part of your beautiful journey!

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what happy clients say

Before I signed up with Victoria I felt overwhelmed and under appreciated. I was offering a lot of freebies [in my business] and my returns didnā€™t match up.

Now, I feel focused, certain about my career path of essential oils, meditation, hypnotherapy, and e-courses. My worth about my business and what I have to offer has increased allowing me to provide value through services and not over providing goods; depleting my time.

I liked that Victoria held space for me as I came to my own conclusion while providing me with contained and compassionate listening. I know my worth and am going for it.


I benefited from having someone to answer to, a person to kick my ass in gear when I needed it, without being too pushy, and someone to help me realise my priorities in life. I was thinking too grand and disappointing myself ā€“ I had to focus on all the smaller things leading up to the bigger picture, Victoria helped me to do that. There was no judging, she took you as she found you and helped you better yourself almost as a friend would.Ā 



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