My name is Victoria and I am a Danish Energy Healer, Intuitive Coach & Artist. I have worked, on & off, since 2013 in the self development industry. 

I started out as a 'traditional' life coach. My initial passion was helping others take time out for themselves to really feel what was important for them, so they could improve their lives on all levels. I guess, like many others in the field, I initially got into coaching because I needed the tools myself. I signed up for the course, initially, to find out what I wanted to do professionally. I've always had a sense that I wanted to work for myself, but I felt completely lost on what & how! The coaching diploma helped me connect with the deep desire of helping others.

When I started out, it was 1-1 sessions and small workshops, in-person. I hadn't a clue about marketing or running a business, but I somehow managed to get Facebook ads set up, hung posters, attended networking events and such. It was tough, but very satisfying to put something 'into the world' and watch it grow.

Over the years I expanded my practice and knowledge, which brought me more and more into the 'energy healing' and spiritual world, which has always been a fascination for me. I became a Reiki Practitioner (level 1 and 2), and also began moving my business online because I love the flexibility of being able to work anywhere in the world. This was a whole new kettle of fish to figure out, but it felt exciting to explore the possibilities.

Alongside most of this, I've been working on & off part-time and full-time as an employee for various companies (mostly within IT). I want to mention this, to normalise it, as I often felt the pressure of having to go 'all in' with my business. I tried it once, but quickly realised that this wasn't the right approach for me. I learned, the hard way, that I need stability and security, in order to work freely and creatively. Giving myself 'permission' to do things my way - in every way - has been the biggest gift of all 💚

I lived 12 years in Ireland (from 2008-2020) and Ireland will always have a special place in my heart though, moving home to Denmark has been such a surprising blessing in my life and I feel very grateful for that.

Knowing what's important for you is just the beginning to living authentically. Download the free Self-Care E-Book, for when starting to establish healthy boundaries, to continue your journey 💚⁠

📸 @couragedesignsvendborg

Victoria Thygesen