Victoria - solo

When I perform solo with my guitar, I bring along my own songs, often both the Danish and the English ones, and I sometimes also mix in some cover songs in the setlist to add variation. My intention depends a lot on where I'm playing and who the audience is. It never turns out exactly the same, as I evolve and change, and this influences what feels 'right' in the moment. I work very intuitively with music and enjoy being present both in the creative process and when I'm live.

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Victoria & Camille Grey

Alongside the wonderful Camille Grey, I am embarking on a new musical project. We know each other from the singer-songwriter scene on Funen, but March 22nd will be the first time we share the stage.

With our unique expressions, we have set the intention to uplift each other, and others, by elevating the energy and exploring the musical and creative universe. Together, we aim to create special moments of musical harmony that will delight and hopefully inspire the audience.