Do You Crave fulfilment, happiness, joy and a true sense of belonging?

Do you want to wake up feeling happy, knowing that the day will be amazing no matter what?

Do you want a sense of belonging and coming home, knowing that you are doing what you love and being who you were always meant to be?

Then you are in the right place!

RECLAIM YOUR LIFE is an online 6-Week group program that will help you create and live the life of your dreams.

Are you ready to make that come true?

After this program

You will have NO more

X Frustration around feeling stuck

X Emptiness around feeling that something is missing

X Disappointment around feeling that you haven’t lived your best life

X Sadness about feeling that life is passing you by

Instead, you will have

More time to do the things you love

 Positive energy and determination to create and live the life you want

 A deep sense of belonging and feeling fulfilled

 Real happiness in feeling valued and appreciated

who is this program for?

Women who…

  • Have a “can do” attitude and are eager and willing to do the inner and outer work required to own and create their dream life
  • Are ready to invest in themselves and this transformation – not just money but more importantly time and energy. You’ve got to commit to do the work!

  • Recognise that this is a process, a journey, and that results cannot be guaranteed as they will vary dependant on effort, commitment and motivation
  • Are open to exploring different methods of healing and transformation such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), guided meditations, Reiki and forgiveness work to fully embrace and embody their full purpose
  • Know that there is no magic pill or quick fix to creating the life they want, but know that every step they take, gets them that much closer to living the life of their dreams 

How it works

Kick Off Call: We will start Thursday October 31st at 7pm IST (UTC +1) with a kick off call via Facebook live. Note that all calls will be recorded and shared afterwards, in case you can’t attend it live or want to re-watch it later.

Program Start: The program runs from Monday November 4th – Sunday December 15th 2019.

Core Video Lessons: Every Monday you will get a core video lesson along with assignments and tasks to do during the week.

Live Q&A Call: Every Thursday evening at 7pm IST (UTC +1) there will be a live Q&A call via Facebook live. Please note that, all calls will be recorded and shared afterwards, in case you can’t attend it live or want to re-watch it later.

Private Facebook group: You will get access to a private Facebook group for additional support, inspiration and for sharing your journey with the other participants. This is really where the magic happens!

This is an intimate group program for deep transformation and I have limited it to max 10 women.

Investment: €147 (approximately $162 USD/ $214 CAD) – as this is a Beta version of the course, I am offering it at less than a third of the full price in exchange for detailed feedback from you. This is a once-off non-refundable payment. Claim your spot below!

The 6 Pillars

Pillar 1 Reclaim Your Space
Create space for your transformation by decluttering the physical things that are holding you back, and create a nourishing environment to flourish in.

Pillar 2 Reclaim Your Time
Clear out the mental clutter that distracts you from what’s important, so you have time for the things that really matter to you.

Pillar 3 Reclaim Your Dream
Get clear on what ‘fulfilment’ really means to you so you can fully embrace your best self.

Pillar 4: Reclaim Your Thoughts
Re-frame the limiting beliefs that are stopping you from living your dream life, so you can cultivate a positive mindset that works for you rather than against you.

Pillar 5: Reclaim Your Focus
Transform your daily habits from sabotaging ones to supportive ones so you can take continued inspired action and live the life you want.

Pillar 6: Reclaim Your Life
Deepen your connection to yourself and the Universe, to support your dreams and fully experience the feeling of belonging and coming home.

Are you ready to reclaim your life?

Claim your spot below now!

what Clients say about our work together

I benefited from having someone to answer to, a person to kick my ass in gear when I needed it, without being too pushy, and someone to help me realise my priorities in life. I achieved a good number of things on my list – I didn’t even have a proper list until after the first sessions. I was thinking too grand and disappointing myself – I had to focus on all the smaller things leading up to the bigger picture, Victoria helped me to do that.


I achieved a lot of clarity and was able to identify a specific plan of action which I am currently implementing. I began to “see the wood from the trees” and recognise what I needed to prioritise.


Before I signed up with Victoria I felt overwhelmed and under appreciated.

Now, I feel focused, certain about my career path. My worth about my business and what I have to offer has increased allowing me to provide value through services and not over providing goods; depleting my time.


Hi, I’m Victoria Thygesen

It’s my mission in life to help women like you tune into the essence of who they are so that they can reclaim their lives and fully experience the joy, freedom and fulfilment that they deserve.

There’s no greater frustration in life that feeling “empty” and that you’re just going through the motions, paying the bills, and waiting for…god knows what?!

“What if the change you’re avoiding, is the one that will give you wings?”

That’s what I help women do. Spread their wings.

Live fully. Feel deeply. Love with all their heart.

If you have any questions about the program please send me an email by clicking HERE.

I look forward to helping you Reclaim Your Life!

Best Wishes,

Victoria Thygesen

Holistic Life Coach

Are you ready to reclaim your life?

Claim your spot below now!

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