I believe that we are all intuitive beings and that we have a wealth of inner wisdom, which we can connect with for guidance and for creating more flow in our lives.

There are many ways to do this and sometimes we need a bit of support to get in touch with it... I would love to help create this space for you.

As female entrepreneurs we are often 'out there' in the world doing, creating, healing, helping, empowering and shining our light to lead others and, though, this is beautiful and fulfilling work, it can also be challenging. We can often feel like we stand alone without support or guidance, and this, particularly, can feel heart-wrenching.

I believe that we all have the answers and guidance needed, within ourselves, to unlock the next step on the path that's already in front of us and truly aligned with our true selves (and isn't controlled by what everybody else thinks we 'should' do or be) - however, sometimes we need a bit of support to connect with it.

Because, when we are feeling lost, stuck, confused, overwhelmed, burned out and off track it can be really hard to know exactly what we need to best care for ourselves. It can be challenging to get a proper timeout and give ourselves the space we need to re-connect with our intuition, our body-wisdom and the messages of our souls.

We may think that we need to push forward, keep going, put our head down and 'just' work hard but, in my experience, this rarely leads to a healthy, sustainable life and business. It, potentially, just leads to more burnout and heart-ache. What you may need instead is to stop, breathe and create space for yourself to be and feel. These 'Heart Connection' sessions are designed to give you that safe space where you can get in touch with what's true for you.

This isn't a chit chat about the weather. This is a deep dive into how you are feeling, into your emotions and into what your body and intuition is trying to tell you about the current situation you are in. Because, your body, emotions, intuition are always communicating with you, but sometimes it can be hard to hear it over all the 'noise' and distractions going on in your life.

In these sessions, I help facilitate an opening of your heart, so we can get to the core of what's going on in your life and what - if anything - needs to shift. This is not a "Break-Through" session, because we are not trying to break through anything. We are, instead, inviting our hearts to soften, to heal, to open up and to show compassion (for ourselves and others), so that we can, once again, trust in our true selves and in the divine flow of life. From there, a place of trust and flow, we can make aligned heart-centred decisions.

If you would like to receive Energy Healing, check out my sessions here. I also offer Coaching & Intuitive Guidance Sessions, where we can work together on a more ongoing basis, and where I can also support you in getting better at reconnecting with, and listening to, your own intuition.

How does a Heart Connection session work?

Sessions take place via Zoom. Put aside 60 minutes in a quiet, private space where you won't be disturbed. I will send you a zoom link to use via your phone or laptop (please make sure your camera is working).

We will begin by connecting over some relaxation exercises, such as, breath work and/or a short guided meditation, so that we can open up the space and connect with our intuition. We will then talk through what you wish to receive support on. Though, the focus is not (initially) on 'fixing' the situation or finding a practical solution for it, but more on connecting with the emotions behind it and on deep diving into the feelings of it in the body and intuition.

This is a safe, sacred space where we can explore the situation from a heart-felt place and, by tuning in to your feelings, emotions, body and intuition, find an opening to shift the energy around it. Sessions may also include some energy healing.

I will be recording the session (for your eyes only), so you can listen to it again afterwards. I will email you the recording directly afterwards (you are free to download this, as I will delete it on my end after 30 days) and also check in with you, via email, 2 days afterwards to see if any questions have come up for you.

Investment: €69

FAQ for heart connection sessions

What to expect during/after the session?

This isn't your typical talk-through coaching/consulting session where we focus on finding the best step-by-step plan for your business. This is an open, safe space where we explore your feelings, sensations in the body and connect with your intuition and inner wisdom. This work can be extremely powerful, but can also bring up our shadow sides and uncomfortable feelings, so it's important that you feel safe and trust me, and that you are always honest with me about how you are feeling and what's going on for you during the session, so that I can best support you through it.

It can also be tiring work, so I recommend not having anything too heavy or busy scheduled immediately afterwards, as you may need to rest and take it easy. These sessions may also include energy healing, so it's a good idea to drink lots of water afterwards and be mindful of what self-care you may need.

Who is it for?

These sessions require that you are somewhat comfortable and used to working with your own feelings, sensations in the body and intuition. If you are new to this type of work, then it might be better to first book some coaching sessions with me, where we can - over time - explore this and incorporate it into sessions.


Disclaimer: I am not authorized - or able to - diagnose any medical conditions or treatments. My sessions are the art of natural healing, not the practice of medicine. They are intended to be a supplement to, and not a substitute for, professional medical care and treatment. In the case of any serious medical ailment of condition, you should always consult your doctor for advice.

Disclaimer – Victoria Thygesen make no claims, promises or guarantees and are neither diagnosing nor treating specific health or life challenges. You are solely responsible for seeing to and continuing with your own medical treatment and care.

I will ask you to agree to such a disclaimer before we engage in any sessions.

Do you have more questions?

Any more questions, please contact me here and I will be happy to reply :-)

About Victoria

I’m a multi-passionate Energy Healer, Intuitive Coach & Artist who empowers female entrepreneurs to live authentic, fulfilling lives from their true core. This includes establishing healthy boundaries in life and business, so you can serve more deeply and sustainably. As a soul and heart led woman in business myself, in the past I have been at the brink of burnout and beyond. I create my services based on what I have needed over time to survive and fully thrive.

I don't claim to be 'perfect' or have it all figured out, but the tools and processes that I teach are tried and tested by myself and others, on multiple occasions. I have worked with many women over the years to help them gently move from overwhelm and stress to alignment and flow.

Everything that I do is gentle and at a slower pace, and not one that is dictated by what social media or the "Experts" tells us. I believe that if we learn to serve ourselves first, reconnect with our true core and create healthy, sustainable boundaries and do things on our own terms, then we can live a life and business in total alignment. From that space, we can fulfil our deepest purpose and desire of serving others and contribute to healing the world, one soul at a time.