My first journey into personal development was through life coaching...

Initially, it was to support myself in figuring out what I wanted to do with my life, but I quickly fell in love with this method of facilitating change. For me, coaching has never been about telling others what to do, but has always been about empowering others to see what was the 'right' way forward for them. Supporting others in seeing their own power, beauty and strength is such an honour, and I enjoy creating this safe, sacred space for healing and transformation.

Over the years, my coaching services has changed, as I have changed and grown, and today it often includes an aspect of intuitive guidance. Again, this is not about telling others what to do, but I ask permission to 'tune in' to my psychic abilities throughout a session and this often allows me to reflect and suggest alternative pathways in a specific situation, that I wouldn't normally have access to. However, the focus is always on where the client is, what feels good and natural for them, and my 'job' is simply to guide them in connecting with the inner wisdom that I believe we all have. 

I never try to 'force' a specific agenda, in a session, however I find that having an intention (some may wish to call it a 'goal') for the session can help focus the energy. Though, I always give space to 'allow' whatever is present at that time, for that client, to come through. I am a deep believer in trusting that our souls know what 'needs' to happen next and what 'needs' to come up to be addressed. Allowing that to happen, rather than resisting it, has always created the best "results" in my experience.

Personally, I resist working directly with specific goals

...and it's been many years since I have set a 'SMART' goal (or whatever fancy acronym people use for this) for myself or asked that of clients. My belief, and experience, is that working with 'intentions', rather than 'fixed' goals and outcomes, is a much gentler and yet, effective way of creating change in our lives. In my experience (both from myself and from working with clients over the years), when setting specific goals, we often fall into the 'trap' of creating goals that society (and/or our families, friends, community etc) wants us to achieve. This doesn't, necessarily, make 'bad' goals or lives, but it may not create the actual life that we desire at our core.

For that, I find that focusing on intentions and more general feelings can be an easier way to access what is truly important for us. Through that, we can begin to open up for what we really, truly desire and I often find that where we 'end up' is even better than what we could have possibly imagined or planned. Again, 'allowing' this unfolding to happen naturally, rather than trying to control every single little aspect of the journey, has been my own (and clients) greatest way of manifesting abundance, joy, love, wealth, success, peace of mind and all the other good stuff in life.

I don't, as such, have a 'signature' step-by-step program, because I don't believe that anyone fits into 'one' set mould, when it comes to transition and healing. However, I have noticed a pattern which has given rise to a 'framework' that I use for myself and with clients, to encourage smooth transformations. This isn't set in stone, it's not a 'fixed' timeline that can be followed from A to Z, but it's four phases that I believe we go through when we consciously, or unconsciously, go through changes in our lives. I have found that, when we become aware of these phases, and learn to work with them, by acknowledging that we do in fact move through multiple cycles of change in our lives, then these transitions can become slightly less painful and tumultuous. 

Using nature as inspiration, I define these 4 phases using these four elements:


1. When embarking on change, we can feel a mix of emotions; both excitement and passion, yet also fear and anxiety. I find that fire can represent all of this, including the letting go and decluttering that I experience is necessary in this first phase. We let go of what no longer serves us - this can be on both physical, mental and emotional levels - and we clear away the fear and anxiety around taking steps forward into the unknown.


2. Then we actually take a bit of a step backwards to 'dig down' into the earth, to create a safe foundation for ourselves to grow and expand from. There can definitely be some power in 'jumping before we are ready', however, my experience with this is that taking time to reconnect with ourselves, creating healthy, nourishing habits around self-care and support, are a much more sustainable way of creating transformations.





3. We then begin taking aligned action, stepping forward into movement and also begin voicing our desires and intentions. We begin expanding our boundaries and taking actual steps to manifest the change we have started. This phase is strongly linked to the EARTH phase, and I often find that we move between these two quite a lot, creating a movement of 'opening'/'expanding' (AIR) and 'closing'/contracting' (EARTH), just like labor pains and we are, in fact, giving birth to something new.


4. At some point in the transformation, we step into water which, for me, represents intuitive flow and 'being-ness'. We stop focusing so much on active 'doing', and begin 'allowing' things to happen and unfold naturally, by listening to our intuition and following our inner guidance and wisdom. This is a phase of surrending, trusting, gratitude and a strong sense of having 'arrived'. We can 'sit' in this phase for any lengths of time, until a new cycle of transformation kicks in, and we start again in FIRE.

As mentioned, this isn't a step-by-step, 'fixed' timeline plan, but simply the pattern that I have observed in myself and clients over the years, and the framework that I bear in mind when working with clients. Though, as stated, there is no force in this process and it isn't always clearly defined when one phase moves into another, as they often overlap and may, to an extent, happen simultaneously or go back and forth.

If you are looking for a once-off deep dive, please check out my Heart Connection Sessions. The coaching sessions can also be combined with my Energy Healing service.

How does coaching with me work?

I don't take on many 1-1 clients for coaching and intuitive guidance, but please feel free to reach out to check my availability and current rates. If it's a good match, we will design the appropriate 'package' for you and sign a coaching agreement. Based on my experience, I prefer working with clients for, at least, 4 sessions at a time and - depending on the situation - meet once a week or once fortnightly. Sessions are via zoom, for 60 minutes at a time. These sessions can also be combined with my Energy Healing service. Again, this depends entirely on your intentions and what is needed to best facilitate the transformation and healing that you desire.

The coaching sessions with Victoria were an invaluable resource for me in terms of the opportunity they gave me for reflection and time out. Victoria's respectful, skilful questioning facilitated a process for me where I was able to explore different approaches and "think aloud" in a safe, supportive environment. I began "to see the wood from the trees" and recognise what I needed to prioritise and what I needed to do to ensure I didn't burn out.
— Maria
It was a time for change and Victoria helped me to review what I needed to do to enable me to move on and see a different future for me work wise. She helped me to assess and get a realistic view of my capabilities. She was caring, patient and non-judgmental. I have no hesitation in recommending Victoria.
— Jackie
I benefited from having someone to reflect with and someone to help me realise my priorities in life. I liked that there was no judging, she took you as she found you and helped you better yourself almost as a friend would. I realised my strengths and my weaknesses, and as a result found people and contacts and more importantly the courage to ask these people for help. All I can say is thank you, Victoria.
— Katie

About Victoria

I’m a multi-passionate Energy Healer, Intuitive Coach & Artist who empowers female entrepreneurs to live authentic, fulfilling lives from their true core. This includes establishing healthy boundaries in life and business, so you can serve more deeply and sustainably. As a soul and heart led woman in business myself, in the past I have been at the brink of burnout and beyond. I create my services based on what I have needed over time to survive and fully thrive.

I don't claim to be 'perfect' or have it all figured out, but the tools and processes that I teach are tried and tested by myself and others, on multiple occasions. I have worked with many women over the years to help them gently move from overwhelm and stress to alignment and flow.

Everything that I do is gentle and at a slower pace, and not one that is dictated by what social media or the "Experts" tells us. I believe that if we learn to serve ourselves first, reconnect with our true core and create healthy, sustainable boundaries and do things on our own terms, then we can live a life and business in total alignment. From that space, we can fulfil our deepest purpose and desire of serving others and contribute to healing the world, one soul at a time.