For me, music has always been a huge part of my life.

I've been singing, dancing and performing since as far back as I can remember.

It probably, predominantly, came from my dad, who also used to sing and play a lot, but my mother has also been a big influence and support in this.

I have always been writing a lot - stories, poems, songs etc but began, seriously, writing songs when I was in my early teens. I had many dreams about becoming a professional singer song writer, and I've had my fair share of awesome experiences performing, both solo with my own songs and also with various bands and musicians. I play the guitar but I am, first and foremost, a singer and songwriter.

My songs have always been deeply personal, and have always reflected my thoughts, processes and view on life. I started writing in English, as this felt most natural to me, but I have also written songs in Danish (my native language). I took a long 13-year hiatus from song writing (not planned, but I just didn't feel the energy for it) but started again in the end of 2021.

Since then I have written lots of new songs, and have really enjoyed exploring the different vibe these songs have. I have, quite naturally and intuitively, weaved my spiritual beliefs into them and also my view on personal development, healing and the many processes and transformations that we go through in life.

Music is a way of expressing who I am, but also a way of reminding others of who they are at their core and, thereby, helps me fulfil my purpose.

When I perform live, I always bring a story with me, a specific intention, and then I shape the setlist accordingly. For me, music and storytelling are incredibly transformative and I love facilitating healing and growth in this way.

Below are a few of my more recent songs. Hope you enjoy them 💚

Life according to me...

I sat down to write a song about what I believe life is about, for me! It's not about pushing hard to 'achieve' a certain goal, or trying to keep up with what everybody else thinks is the 'right' thing for me to do... No, it's about flowing along, gently, with the divine timing of life and doing what feels good for me. It's about putting myself first, so that I can live an amazingly gorgeous and abundant life - filled with love, joy and compassion - and, so I can truly and authentically fulfil my purpose of serving others.

I am here...

This is actually the last song in a trilogy (you can hear the other two on my YouTube channel) about growth, healing and transformation. It describes the 4 step process that I have used for myself, and with coaching clients, to facilitate smooth transitions in life (and business). We start in Fire; burning away fears and what no longer serves, move into Earth; to establish a nourishing foundation, then into Air; where we start taking aligned action and then we step into Water; where we 'arrive' in our new self, powered by intuition and flow.

Days like this...

As my songs are always deeply personal, and my intention is to share authentically, it's also important for me to show the 'other' side of living wholeheartedly. Like everybody else, I have days where I struggle to find the light, where I disconnect from myself and have doubts about my dreams and reasons to be here (on earth). As with most things, naturally, I also write songs about that, and this is one of them.

I do many other things musically, including cover songs and singing in Danish.

For more on this, visit my YouTube Channel!

Musically speaking, one of the most influential musicians for me has been Swedish Fia. She has many, many gorgeous songs, but I recommend starting out with 'Rising in Love'.

Another beautiful soul-led musician is Danish Joan Mala. Have a listen to her song 'Love Leader'.

This song is inspired by another Goddess, Avalon Khan - mentor, Doula of Dreams, space holder and divine rolemodel of authentic living! A lot of her online content is in Danish, but I still recommend checking her out, purely, to feel her energy 💚

About Victoria

I’m a multi-passionate Energy Healer, Intuitive Coach & Artist who empowers female entrepreneurs to live authentic, fulfilling lives from their true core. This includes establishing healthy boundaries in life and business, so you can serve more deeply and sustainably. As a soul and heart led woman in business myself, in the past I have been at the brink of burnout and beyond. I create my services based on what I have needed over time to survive and fully thrive.

I don't claim to be 'perfect' or have it all figured out, but the tools and processes that I teach are tried and tested by myself and others, on multiple occasions. I have worked with many women over the years to help them gently move from overwhelm and stress to alignment and flow.

Everything that I do is gentle and at a slower pace, and not one that is dictated by what social media or the "Experts" tells us. I believe that if we learn to serve ourselves first, reconnect with our true core and create healthy, sustainable boundaries and do things on our own terms, then we can live a life and business in total alignment. From that space, we can fulfil our deepest purpose and desire of serving others and contribute to healing the world, one soul at a time.