I have used a variety of meditation methods throughout the years to help myself (and clients) calm the mind, be more present and loving in life and relationships, leaning in to forgiveness and shifting beliefs, as well as, connecting with our true, authentic core. There are many different ways of using meditations, and many different versions, but it's been a constant companion for me for the last 15+ years.

Here are a few of my own creations (written and recorded by me), which I hope you will enjoy and use on your journey. You can download them directly to your own device.

Feel free to contact me here if you have suggestions for other meditations that you wish to hear me record. I also do personalised meditation recordings, for a small fee. Please contact me about that, if you are interested.

Free Guided Meditation

Step into your core light through forgiveness

This meditation is a 15 minute guided journey into healing through forgiveness. We use the mantra of Ho'oponopono (please make sure you read this accompanying blog post before listening to the meditation), which can help set us free from old pains, hurt and resentment, so we can open ourselves up to receiving more love, joy and abundance in our lives.

Free Guided Meditation

Peel away layers of conditioning through energy healing

This meditation is a 15 minute long energy healing session, where we move through 7 chakras (more on that here) to clear and cleanse any blocks in your physical, emotional, mental or spiritual field. This can help relieve both physical tightness and tension, as well as help you shift negative thinking and make you feel more at ease with yourself.

About Victoria

I’m a multi-passionate Energy Healer, Intuitive Coach & Artist who empowers female entrepreneurs to live authentic, fulfilling lives from their true core. This includes establishing healthy boundaries in life and business, so you can serve more deeply and sustainably. As a soul and heart led woman in business myself, in the past I have been at the brink of burnout and beyond. I create my services based on what I have needed over time to survive and fully thrive.

I don't claim to be 'perfect' or have it all figured out, but the tools and processes that I teach are tried and tested by myself and others, on multiple occasions. I have worked with many women over the years to help them gently move from overwhelm and stress to alignment and flow.

Everything that I do is gentle and at a slower pace, and not one that is dictated by what social media or the "Experts" tells us. I believe that if we learn to serve ourselves first, reconnect with our true core and create healthy, sustainable boundaries and do things on our own terms, then we can live a life and business in total alignment. From that space, we can fulfil our deepest purpose and desire of serving others and contribute to healing the world, one soul at a time.