When I finally realised that, in order to live more authentically and serve others more deeply, I had to first learn to serve myself more authentically, I took an honest look at my life and business.
I wanted to identify what was 'working' for me, and what wasn't - this is actually what I cover in my mini-course; The Gentle Burnout Reliever.

For years, I had been sucked into doing business a certain way, because that was what everybody else did and what they said was the 'sure way to success' but - I finally realised that there are so many different ways to "success".

Being a highly sensitive person, an introvert and an empath, my relationship with social media has always been challenging. I DO enjoy being inspired by others and I actually also enjoy sharing about myself, however, it just became too overwhelming for me. I couldn't let go of the pressure I felt around having to post all the time, having to share about everything, and having to always be available and 'on'! It has caused me so much stress and has continued to pull me off track with what was really important for me...

I am so grateful for the opportunities that we have with social media, digital marketing and online businesses - I wouldn't be able to do what I do without it! However, I also absolutely need to maintain healthy boundaries in my life and business, in order to fully serve others and in order to live with authenticity and joy.

It became clear to me that endlessly posting and communicating on social media is not something that feels good or sustainable for me. It often drains me from energy and it distracts me from being present in my life.

Therefore, I have made the decision to keep things super simple and create these 9 posts with all the information you need to know about me and what I do. This gives me the space, time and capacity to focus on what's really important for me: supporting and serving clients through my services and, living my best life so that I can continue to support all those who come my way 💚

For the quickest response, contact me via email: contact@victoriathygesen.com or via my contact page - that's where I prefer to hang out 😊

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Victoria Thygesen