The most beautiful, heart-centred, soulful female entrepreneurs. Mainly, coaches and healers, but also other service-providers.

These gorgeous souls are here to provide amazing value and support to others, and I am here to support them in doing that, in a way that feels really good for them AND is actually sustainable and doesn't cause burnout.

The challenge for many of these women - myself included 🙋‍♀️ - is that they have a deep, burning desire to serve others. And they are really good at it! They are caring, kind, have a high level of integrity and they give generously of their time and talent 💚 The world NEEDS these nurturers! Because, this is how we heal the world; one soul at a time 💚

However, they are also at a high risk of burning out and getting overwhelmed, because they want to help EVERYBODY! They will go out of their way to hold space for others and make others feel whole. Though, if they aren't careful, this will stretch them to the absolut limit in terms of health, mental- and physical well-being.

As a nurturer myself, I've hit the burnout wall several times and yet, I still had this deep desire to serve! So I knew that I had to find a way of 'doing' this - life and business - in a different way. I had to learn that actually, by serving myself first (which felt selfish and icky at first!) I was in a much stronger space to serve others, more deeply, more fulfilling and more sustainably.

The overwhelm can show up in many different ways and areas of life and business; it can be anything from simply taking on too many tasks or clients, because you struggle to say 'no'. It might also be over-delivering, because you find it difficult to say 'enough is enough' and to trust in the value that you are giving. It can also be under-charging, so that you have to work even harder to support yourself, because you feel that you 'need' to be accessible to everybody.

Gentle reminder; It's not your responsibility to 'save' everybody, but I know that can be a tough cookie to swallow...

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Victoria Thygesen