For me, coaching/energy healing/supporting others has never been about telling others what to do, but has always been about empowering others to see what was the 'right' way forward for them.
So, working with me, does not mean getting a step-by-step, fixed plan to nirvana.

I used to be such a go-getter, obsessed with setting SMART goals left, right and centre and - honestly - it was exhausting and I rarely felt very fulfilled in what I was doing.

I signed up to multiple courses, coaching programs, healing sessions etc, looking for the ONE magic tool that would somehow 'fix' everything and make me feel complete, but none of them did...

Eventually, I realised that, if I was to work for myself, doing what I loved, I had to approach things differently. 

I had to stop following what everybody else was telling me was 'right' for me. I had to stop listening to what the 'gurus' said was the only way to enlightenment. I had to stop distracting myself by all the shining objects and get really honest with myself.

I had to start loving myself, deeply, at my core, and stand up for what I believed in and what I wanted to create.

What I believed in, what I wanted to create, was something that felt truly good for me - and which also supported others in feeling good in themselves.

I didn't want to force a system over someone else's head, because I know that I have rarely fitted well into other's systems myself. I didn't want to push others to achieve specific goals, because I have no interest in pushing myself in that way.

I wanted freedom, openness, a space to breathe and 'be'... I wanted permission to be myself - and to support others in giving themselves that permission too.

So I don't have a 'signature' step-by-step program to spiritual enlightenment.

What I have is a gentle framework, inspired by nature, and an intuitive understanding of creating a safe, sacred space where others can heal, grow and expand in their own way.

I don't force any agenda, I don't fixate on achieving a specific goal, I 'simply' facilitate deep healing and transformation in a gentle, nourishing and natural way.

I would be honoured to support you on this part of your journey 💚

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Victoria Thygesen