One of my absolute favourite ways to support others in remembering who they are at their core, is via energy healing and intuitive messages. For me, it goes to the heart of things, to the root of the situation and blows everything else out of the water.

There are several parts to it;

I am an accredited Reiki practitioner and have worked with clients both off- and online since 2018. Reiki is an ancient Japanese energy healing method, which 'frees' up blocks in our energy centres and helps the energy flow more smoothly. It works on both the physical body, the emotional, the mental and the spiritual. So it can both release tightness and tension in our bodies, it can help ease and heal actual pain, it can provide peace of mind and ease of flow in our lives and it can help shift limiting beliefs and stuck perspectives holding us back from living authentically.

What also happens, when I work with it, is that it sort of 'peels' away layers of conditioning, 'noise' and distractions in our physical and energetic bodies, so that we can fully see ourselves as we really are at a deep level: pure universal life force/energy (which is what 'Reiki' stands for). I believe that we are all beings of 'Source'/God/the Universe/Higher Power - whichever we choose to call it. Through the energy healing sessions, I get to see people at their purest and most authentic, and I get to share this with them and remind them of who they really are. It's a great honour to be a part of.

Over the years, I have also begun opening more up for my psychic abilities and I regularly work with spirit guides. During the energy healing sessions I often receive messages from the spirit world that I pass on to the client. Sometimes, it can be specific messages of guidance or insight, other times it's more of a sensation/feeling of what is going on for the person or what is needed in a specific situation.

Before each session, I connect with the client and ask if they have any areas of concern - this can be all of the things mentioned above (anything from physical pain to questions about their path in life) - or any specific questions that they wish to have guidance on. It can be good to set intentions for the session, though, I also trust that whatever needs to 'come up', will come up, because we are not always fully aware of what we need in any given situation. Being open to receive what is actually needed, rather than what we 'think' we need, is a great approach and attitude towards these sessions.

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Victoria Thygesen