When I began to reconnect with myself, at my core, I realised that I have spent most of my life making things harder for myself! 🙈 I had fallen into the 'trap' of listening to what everyone else wanted me to do, be and have, rather than listening to myself and what felt truly good for me...

In business, I had also been searching (in vain) for the ONE solution to all of my problems, by trying to niche down, keep things simple and get my messaging straight - once and for all! Although all this sounded like a good plan, and I kinda liked the idea of it, I could never stick with any of it!

So, every couple of months/years, I would get a new idea, a new focus, and I would completely redefine myself, my services, my website and my entire business! Then I would power away at that for a while...until the steam ran out, again, and I would go searching yet again... 

I have been beating myself up about this for years. Telling myself that I couldn't follow through with anything, that I was lazy, that I would never 'get it right' - until I realised that I was approaching this the wrong way around.

I was trying to 'fit in' to someone else's framework, and blaming myself for not being able to do that, instead of creating my own framework around what I was already good at and what would work for me.

⁠You see, what finally hit me is that I am MULTI-PASSIONATE! 😅

I LOVE diving into a new project, immersing myself in it completely, wrapping it up with a nice bow, sending it 'out there' and then... move onto something else 😊 There is nothing wrong with me, I just work differently to what I thought I 'should'.

So, instead of continuing to redefine myself and start over again, and again, and again, I finally decided to embrace who I am at my core and I built my business around that.

You see, it's not all random, however much it might sound that way! Everything that I do, is rooted in who I am and what I am here (on earth) to do, which is to remind myself and others of who we are at our core so we can live authentic, fulfilling lives. But, I don't do that in just ONE way...I do that in MANY ways; 

Through coaching, energy healing, through music, guided meditations, online courses, workshops and, simply, by being who I am 💚

It has honestly been such a relief to 'allow' myself to do things my way, and stop trying to be something that I'm not. Now, I feel I can simply be myself, and don't need to reinvent myself every time I get a new idea or project.

Check out all my services here and download the free Self-Care E-Book, for when starting to establish healthy boundaries, to start your journey towards living more authentically 💚⁠

📸 @couragedesignsvendborg

Victoria Thygesen