I have always known that I wanted to work for myself, but the 'what' has changed many times. Once I started coaching and energy healing I felt that I was on track, because I knew that I wanted to support others in feeling better in themselves.

Really, I wanted to help heal the world but, for many years, I felt frustrated because I continued to hit brick walls in my business. I continued to do what others told me I 'should' be doing, rather than follow what FELT good to me. Over and over again, I had to take time away from my business, because it was too overwhelming.

So I knew that I had to find a different way of 'doing' business and, with that, I realised that I had to find another way of 'doing' life. For years, I had thought that my work WAS my mission and my purpose. That my business HAD TO be successful in order for me to be complete. Though, instead of motivating me, it just brought on stress and burnout.

By taking time off and letting everything go for a while, I realised that my mission wasn't actually about 'creating a successful business' or, at least, that was only part of it...My real mission and purpose in life, and the way I could truly support others, was by becoming my most authentic self and by role modelling this approach and behaviour to others.

It wasn't about being 'perfect' or having it all figured out - which I had attempted for years, and 'failed' at. It was actually about being human, honest and real...And also, about doing things; life and business, in a way that FELT good to me. Only then, did it become 'successful' in ALL the ways that I had dreamt of 💚

I reconnected with who I was at my core. I gave myself permission to find out exactly HOW I wanted to do things. I gave myself permission to establish healthy boundaries for myself.

By doing this, by serving myself first, I became my true, authentic self more and more. And, by doing that, I finally started fulfilling my purpose of supporting others in doing the same.

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Victoria Thygesen