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What's Your Superpower?


We all have different talents and things that come naturally to us. Some of us are introverts, some are extroverts. Some are super duper organised, some are very creative. We all have our own unique blend of skills, experiences and interests. I believe that by having the courage to truly be ourselves, and do things our way, we can create and live the life we want.

This isn’t selfish and it doesn’t mean that we don’t care about anybody else.

It means that we are truly ourselves and that we do what we do best.

Of course, we can always learn and grow and adapt and challenge ourselves, however, we can do that in our own way too. Because, I believe, that when we get over the initial fear and doubt (about being ourselves), life becomes easier, more fulfilled and more joyful. It runs smoother because we are using our Superpower!

We all have ‘baggage’ from our upbringing, environment and experiences, which tell us to do things a certain way; to do certain things, want certain things. Women, for instance, used to be expected to want a family; kids, husband, not to work but to keep the household. Then it slowly shifted to us all having to be ‘Business/Career Women’ and now we 'have to' be ‘multi-taskers’ and ‘superheroes’ doing it ALL. You might not be thinking about this on a daily basis - but it is there in the background, always. Unless we really become aware of it and challenge it.

It is natural to be affected by these deep-rooted, cultural expectations. Though, added to the more immediate expectations from family, friends and ourselves - it can quickly become quite overwhelming. We try to ‘fit in’ and ‘live up’ to these expectations because we want to be loved, liked, accepted and we believe that is the way to go - because that is considered the ‘norm’ for us. I am not saying that these things and wants are bad in themselves, just that, if we plan our lives according to these ‘norms’ and expectations - without checking in with ourselves to see if they actually fit with us - then we can become very unhappy and frustrated. We try to be superheroes, but we have forgotten what our Superpower is! Did that ever happen to you?

One of these norms or beliefs is that, we need to work hard to achieve our goals. This can certainly be the case in some situations, and I personally think that achieving our goals doesn’t happen overnight - it requires focus and continuous effort - however, this idea (about working hard) can also lead us to thinking that, things that come easy to us, are not ‘worthy’ or important. Though, they can be. Very much so.

If there are things in our lives that we are good at, that come easy to us - why dismiss that? Why not embrace them instead and celebrate them? Wouldn’t it be great to do more of the things you are good at and love to do?

So take a look at your life and try to identify the things that you take for granted - the skills, the abilities and attitudes that come easily to you. They are probably also the things that others notice and comment on; “You are such a perfectionist” - can sound negative, but can cover the fact that you are very organised and detail-oriented. “You are such a great listener” - can suggest you may be good in supportive, people-oriented roles. “You always get things done” - can mean you have a natural talent for decision making. All these ‘talents’ may be things that you “just do” without even thinking about it. By getting to know them (and yourself), you can begin to concisely integrate them into your life in all areas; work and non-work.

Like, a friend of mine said the other day: “My Superpower is to take my time with things and process them at my own pace”. This might not work with every job or situation but that is how she is most effective and impactful. That is how she makes sense of the world, and how she achieves her goals; By being herself and doing what she does best. By using her Superpower!

Once you start identifying your Superpower(s), look for ways to use it more. You might realise that your current job, for instance, doesn’t really allow you to use it much. Quitting and finding a new job might not be that easy so, to start with, look at areas of your current job that might allow you to use it a bit more. Are there new projects or areas of responsibility that you can get involved in, where you can allow your natural talents to shine? If you are thinking about a new job/role, look at what type of roles would allow you to use your Superpower the most! We might not get to a place where all that we do is 100% our Superpower(s) plus, some people like to have their dose of challenges and uncertainty so they like to keep things moving and up in the air. Which is totally ok too - that’s part of their Superpower! :-)

So, the point is really to become more aware of our own talents and to get to use them a bit more. Because, if you get to use your Superpower more at work, and in life in general, I guarantee you that you will start feeling more fulfilled and happier. Plus - work and life will be easier, smoother, more fun, because you get to do what you do best! This is not cheating - in my opinion, it just makes total sense. Doing what we do best helps everybody - especially ourselves!

The more you focus on things you are good at, and acknowledge that these things and skills are equally “worthy” as the ones you need to fight and work hard for, your sense of achievement and satisfaction will grow. You will also be better equipped for those more challenging things, because you can come from a place of strength and self-worth.

So, find your Superpower and use it!

Then, from there, you start to grow above and beyond.

What’s Your Superpower?


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