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Time to review, realign and re-commit


We are a few days into February and, according to some statistics, February is the month where many people break their New Year resolutions!

Are you one of them?

If you are, that’s ok. It is never too late to stop and start again, and it doesn’t only have to happen beginning of January. Though, rather than fully ditching your resolutions (goals) and throwing them out the window, how about reviewing them, re-aligning your efforts and recommitting to them?

Let’s start by taking some time out to review where you are at - in relation to your resolutions/goals. It’s a good idea to regularly take time to do this, as it will help you stay on track. Depending on your goals, you may want to take stock once a week and/or once a month.

Remind yourself of what the goal is, and check in with yourself about where you are in the progress. Did you already take steps toward achieving it? If yes, how did it go? If no, how come?

Try not to judge yourself too harshly here. It’s definitely good to be honest in your review and acknowledge that you are not happy with your efforts and/or the result, however, beating yourself up about it, is not necessarily going to help you move forward.

Looking at your goal, and your progress to date, you may have realised that your goal was a bit too optimistic or maybe the timeline is a bit too tight. You may also already have surpassed the milestones you set for yourself, which gives reason to celebrate and give yourself several pats on the back! 😎 This is another good reason to check in regularly; you get to celebrate how well you have done! Be proud! Be happy! Let that joy and satisfaction fill you up! Enjoy it!

You might still not be quite ‘there’ but still, celebrating important milestones and progress is important for staying motivated.

Though, if you have not achieved much or any progress yet, then take the time to review your goal and your progress. You might have stumbled upon unexpected challenges or you might have received insights that changed your perspective on the goal and path. This is great! I know it probably doesn’t feel that way right now when you are looking at all the stuff you haven’t achieved yet! But - bear with me - as you work towards a goal, there will be challenges, ups and downs, and new insights. This is what happens when we grow, learn and reach for the starts! Or whatever goal you are trying to reach 😁

Take it as a great learning opportunity! Because it really is!

This is what will make you stronger and help you achieve that goal you are striving for!

So, you have revised the situation. Next, let’s realign ourselves.

Firstly, based on your new insight and stock take, do you still want to achieve this goal? I don’t mean to push you to give up - don’t! However, you may have realised that part of the goal is not really what you wanted or imagined. So, perhaps you need to slightly re-adjust the end destination. It is totally ok to change your mind about things and about what you want! Better to do it now than strive toward something you don't really want!

Really check in with yourself here and realign your goal with where you currently are. Check in around the challenges you have experienced so far; does the goal still work? Does it still make sense? There is no need to be pessimistic here, it is simply a reality check and an alignment. When you are ready, re-write the goal in a way that works for you now.

Then look at the plan you had for it. Look at what you already did, what challenges you faced. What’s the issue here? Are you lacking skills or knowledge? Are you lacking support and motivation? Have you been procrastinating?

Whatever it is, it’s ok. Acknowledge it. Accept it.

Then decide what to do next. Get help, get support, upskill, set a new schedule for yourself to stop procrastinating. This is a very generic list, of course, but I know that you know what you need to do to take the next step, in your unique situation.

Taking time out to review and realign for this, is the first step and it will help you get in touch with your Inner Wisdom, who will guide you to move forward.

So now you have a clear(er) goal (it may still be the same goal or it may be a slightly different one), and you have a revised/updated plan, that takes all your new insights into account.

At this point, it’s a good idea to re-commit to your goal. One thing is thinking about it and saying that yes, you’re still onboard - another is really really committing to it.

You can do this in different ways. I always suggest writing down your goal and keeping it somewhere that you see it on a daily basis; by your work desk, your fridge, in your wallet etc. Having a visual reminder is a great idea for staying on track and keeping your goal front of mind. This is also why it’s a great idea to write your goal down in a positive and empowering way - and/or in the present tense as if you have already achieved it.

You know yourself best, so you know which words and phrases will motivate you to take action. Take a deep breath, close your eyes and visualise yourself ‘there’ - having achieved your goal! How does it feel? What does it look like? Now write that down as if you are already there! Every time you look at this goal, written down, you will see yourself there. The power of visualisation is incredible in helping you achieve your goal because, part of that power and satisfaction that you visualise yourself having, slips into your current self and makes you feel stronger and purposeful.

Just a few minutes of visualisation every day can help you step into that space of fulfilment, success and happiness - as well as help you see what's next.

What are you waiting for? You can start today! 😊 


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