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Morning Routines

Routines are super important for me at the moment. Especially my morning routines.  How I start my day, influences the rest of my day, so routines help me start the day 'right' for me. I have changed morning routines a few times this year and I am currently trying out...

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Craving Space

Whew, what a day! 😅 I normally write in the mornings, but had other plans for today and it just kinda threw me off a bit. It was a good day, and I had lots of amazing, positive interactions, but I feel that I really crave my own space at the moment...Especially in the...

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Embrace the Pain

Yesterday I had an amazing chat with a close friend, which ended up turning into a bit of a coaching/healing session. That's just how the two of us roll! We talk openly, honestly and deeply about everything. I have a few friendships like this, and I appreciate them so...

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When I am Writing…

I read a quote years ago, which goes something like "Writing is the only thing that, when I am doing it, I don't want to do anything else." This rings true for me on such a deep level... I have always been writing! Journaling, short stories, poems, songs, blogs, ideas...

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How to be Fully You

I am super excited to officially announce that I will be facilitating two online group workshops based on the amazing book called 'The Artist's Way' in January!! Bookings are now open and there is an Early Bird price til end of December, but there aren't many spots...

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Resist the Resistance

Ok, so the 'write something every day' hasn't quite caught on yet, but I am starting afresh on it today. Something I have always been struggling with in my life, and I know many others do too, is this resistance towards stopping and tuning in to where we are at and...

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When in doubt, go back to what you know

So...I didn't get to write on my blog yesterday, because I was out and about in London with my sister all day! And by the time we got back to the hotel I was tired and didn't feel like taking out the laptop. So Sunday was a proper off-day! Yay! 😊 I saw something the...

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Part of me wants to get off the grid

I am from Denmark, but have been living and working in Ireland for more than 11 years now. I have always loved Ireland, ever since I went over the first time on holidays. I was 15 and had persuaded my parents to take me. It was magical and I just felt at home straight...

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I am Good Enough

This year has been one big soul searching journey for me. I have changed so much! And so many things have changed. And it's hard! Changing things can be so hard, especially as I have been changing many things many times. And for each time, I have felt certain people...

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