“I want to be a coach. I want to help others feel better.”

Hi, I’m Victoria!

I have always wanted to work for myself.
When I was very young, I wanted to be a writer (which I will “accomplish” this year, when I write and publish my first book – stay tuned!). Then I wanted to be a singer! This was a very strong dream for me and something I actively pursued till I was in my early twenties. Getting into the ‘real’ world after college, I started to realise that my path wasn’t in music after all, but I still wanted to work for myself.

In 2006 I wrote on a post-it note: “I want to be a coach. I want to help others feel better.” I actually don’t even remember what I was doing at the time that made me write that and it took several years for me to get going on that journey, but something in me clearly knew something…

Initially I went into the hospitality industry and I had a dream about running my own hotel. I had moved to Ireland at this point – something I had dreamt about doing since I was 15 years old and visited Ireland for the first time!

In Ireland I got busy with work, life and I started getting a sense of myself. I have always been a bit shy and introverted, but despite this, I had a quiet courage about me that meant that I often did things that made me stand out. Like, move to Ireland on my own when I was 22. Like, stand up in front of a big crowd and sing. Like, decide after finishing my hospitality degree that I didn’t want to work in hotels ever again! Like, when the recession hit and I had no work, decided to sign up for a life coaching program.

The program was life changing.

It kick started my personal development for real and I both got to know myself so much better, and also realised that helping others achieve their goals and dreams was indeed what I was put on earth to do!

After the program I started working for myself. But, though I had some success with it, I wasn’t fully ready for it. There was still a part of me that was playing small, that was simply coasting along and waiting for things to happen – which is a feeling I have had throughout my life. As much as I felt I did lots of things, it felt like I often just floated along and took whatever life put in front of me. And I was doing that with my own business too.

Less than two years in, I had to take a full-time job to pay the bills and, though I tried to keep it going on the side, I let the coaching slip. I then spent 4 years trying 5 MILLION different business ideas out because I knew that I STILL wanted to work for myself! I knew that I wanted to do my own thing, make my own money, use my skills and creativity and have the freedom, flexibility and fulfilment that only I could create for myself.

But I felt lost. Nothing that I tried out really worked. I couldn’t seem to follow through on anything that I started up. I got a bit too comfortable in my full-time, well-paid steady job…But I knew that it wasn’t right for me. I knew that I had a different purpose than just being a passenger in my own life. So I decided to quit.

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment

– Emerson

I did have a plan, but I definitely jumped before I was ready for it! I had gone full circle and was looking at working as a life coach again, but this time fully online, because I now knew that I wanted the flexibility to go traveling when I wanted to. But, when I suddenly had all this time and freedom to do whatever I wanted to do, I realised that what I had planned wasn’t quite right.

So I went soul searching for awhile. I took time to reconnect with myself, my intuition, my dreams. I went traveling to visit friends and family and I worked on myself. For the first time in my life, I started to really take control. Not in a rigid way, but in the way of beginning to truly love and accept myself. In the way of beginning to really trust and believe in myself. In the way of beginning to be the real authentic me.

And then I got my wake up call: I had a major panic attack where I thought I was going to die! When I started to calm down, I took out my journal and I started to write. And everything clicked into place. I saw exactly what I was put here on earth to do: Empower other female entrepreneurs to reclaim the Freedom, Flexibility and Fulfilment in their life and business! I already had the 6 step process for it and I actually used it myself that very night, to turn this scary situation into the most empowering wake up call ever!

So you see, everything that has happened in my life has brought me to this moment; living my life the way I want to, building the business of my dreams, and helping other courageous women do the same. This is my mission in life and I am throwing everything at it!

I have found the steps, the process, to creating a life and business that truly works for me – for my quirkiness, my uniqueness, my personality and my desire to live freely and be myself.

I get to travel when I want because all my work is online and all I need is an internet connection! I get to ‘show up’ in my business in a way that I love and where I get to be myself rather than trying to fit in. I get to make my own decisions, based on what I need and what I want. I get to be a first-rate version of myself!

And – all the while – I get to help other amazing, beautiful, creative, intuitive, passionate women create the life that they dream of! It’s a true win-win situation!

– Victoria xx


HOW I CAN Help you on this journey

In the 1-1 sessions that I offer online, I help you move from where you are stuck at, to where you want to be. Simple.

We deep dive into all the things that are cluttering your life and blocking you from embracing your authentic self.

We explore the things that needs to be healed and released in order for you to fully believe that you are enough.

We turn things around to give you the energy, clarity and motivation to take inspired action and create the life and business of your dreams – whatever that mean to you!

On this journey, I will be your coach, your cheerleader, your gentle nudge/kick in the ass, your most compassionate supporter and I ALWAYS have your back and believe in you, because I know that you are enough and that you have everything you need to create and live the life you desire!

I am so excited and honoured to be a part of your beautiful journey!

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Here’s what happy clients say

Before I signed up with Victoria I felt overwhelmed and under appreciated. I was offering a lot of freebies [in my business] and my returns didn’t match up.

Now, I feel focused, certain about my career path of essential oils, meditation, hypnotherapy, and e-courses. My worth about my business and what I have to offer has increased allowing me to provide value through services and not over providing goods; depleting my time.

I liked that Victoria held space for me as I came to my own conclusion while providing me with contained and compassionate listening. I know my worth and am going for it.


I benefited from having someone to answer to, a person to kick my ass in gear when I needed it, without being too pushy, and someone to help me realise my priorities in life. I was thinking too grand and disappointing myself – I had to focus on all the smaller things leading up to the bigger picture, Victoria helped me to do that. There was no judging, she took you as she found you and helped you better yourself almost as a friend would.


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