What if I told you that YOU have already got all the answers you need to succeed!?

Would you believe me?
Shrug your shoulders and say ‘yeah, sure I know’?

You’ve probably heard it before (perhaps from me) that following our own guidance and intuition is THE best way to succeed in business (and in life)!
Because there is NO magic formula to success – there is ONLY what feels ‘right’ for you.

Sure, there are strategies that can support us and we can get inspiration from others but none of that matters if it doesn’t feel right for you.

If your biz coach told you the ONLY way to succeed was to do videos every day and you hated doing videos, would you succeed?
If your biz coach told you that you HAD to talk about your business in a certain way that felt uncomfortable to you, would you create success?

No, You wouldn’t.
You would feel uncertain and hate every minute of it and that kind of energy does not attract success. It repels it.

Do you know that potential clients pick up on your energy more than what you say?
You might SAY all the ‘right’ things but if you FEEL unsure of what you are offering then potential clients will pick up on that.

Focusing on what feels good for you and what you can truly stand behind is the best way to success and it’s also the most fun and fulfilling because you get to be yourself and enjoy the journey.

And hey – you didn’t quit your soul-draining corporate job to run yourself into the ground did you?
I didn’t think so.

So next time you are feeling stuck on what to do next – rather than ‘plan’ it out – tune in to how it feels.
If you have to choose between two things – sure, you can write down the pros and cons of each and journal about it – but then, notice how it FEELS. If one feels heavy and makes you want to crawl under the duvets, then that’s not an option right now! If one lights you up and makes you feel excited, then you know what to do.

Trust your intuition.
Trust yourself.

Don’t wait till tomorrow.
Start today.

How much do you use your intuition in business decisions?

Are you ready to create the success you desire?


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