What motivates us to take positive action and improve our lives?

So many of us complain about our current life, and talk about all the things we want to change, but many never actually do anything about it. They just talk.

Then at the beginning of each year, many of us get this new found energy to make THIS our year! This year we are going to change it all, this year we are going to become healthier, fitter, ‘better’ in whatever way we want! We start out boldly and then…within not that long, we stop. Why?

I think actually ‘why’ covers it very well; Many people give up because they don’t have a strong enough ‘why’ for doing something. If you are actually trying to lose weight because your doctor told you you are overweight, it’s not really a good enough excuse to keep going with it. If you are trying to get promoted or make more money, just for the sake of it, but without having a strong reason behind it, then it’s going to be hard to keep it up when things get tough.

Basically, when you are trying to change something because of someone else, it is rarely a strong enough reason. It can get you started, for sure, but will it keep you going?

“I take positive action as an act of love towards myself” – I heard this in an EFT video yesterday by the amazing Brad Yates! Check it out here.

I resonate so much with this! I feel it is the most powerful WHY in the world!

When we love ourselves, when we fully embrace ourselves, we WANT to take positive action. We want to lose weight for ourselves, we want to get a better, more fulfilling job for ourselves and because we know we can do so much better! We want to make more money because we know we are worthy of that, and we have dreams to fulfil with that money! (For me, ‘making more money’ is not a good goal in itself. But ‘making more money so I can upgrade my apartment or go traveling or buy a new car or live my best life etc.’ IS!).

So…whatever you are working on achieving – start here: learn to love yourself. Learn to fully embrace your authentic self. Learn to fully and deeply accept yourself where you are now. It will allow you to feel happier right NOW! And it is the first step towards creating and living the life you actually want. Once you start loving yourself, it is so much easier to start taking positive action towards your dream life.

That’s what I help my clients do; embrace their authentic self so they can be happy NOW and start living the life they want!

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