If you have been following me for a bit, you will know that the last few months for me have been about adjusting and tweaking and getting really clear on what I’m actually about. It’s been an exciting journey and thanks for being part of it!

For me, life as an entrepreneur has been the most amazing personal development journey of all! I have learned so much about myself over the last couple of years, and particularly in the last 6 months since I left my full-time job to work for myself 100%. Though I have never strayed completely from my values and beliefs, I have made changes to my focus and there is another one coming up today.

What I have realised, and fully EMBRACED lately, is that I am all about the ChillPreneur Laptop Lifestyle! 👩‍💻😎

What’s this, you may ask? Well…
A ChillPreneur 
is someone who believes in making money doing what she loves, while having the freedom and flexibility to live her best life! It means believing that you are good enough as you are, and that being your authentic self is THE key to creating the success that makes sense for you. It’s about choosing the path of least resistance, and not thinking that it’s selfish or lazy, but fully acknowledging that THAT is how you want to live your life! No more 80 hours per week or not having time for family or self-care! All of these things are essential parts of the success of the ChillPreneur!
he Laptop Lifestyle is all about flexibility! Being able to travel when you want to (except when the world is on lockdown due to the coronavirus, of course 😬) and being able to work from anywhere. It’s also about showing up in a way that suits you, and having more control about when you show up. You are living your best life, while running your dream business, and doing it from wherever you want to do it from!

THIS is my mission in life; To live this ChillPreneur Laptop Lifestyle and to empower other female entrepreneurs to do the same.

Nothing much has changed, apart from me fully embracing and acknowledging that this is what I want and that is what I am doing and what I have actually always wanted to do in some shape or form.

It feels amazing and exciting to fully own that!

What do you think about the ChillPreneur Laptop Lifestyle!? 💚
Is this something you want too? Are trying to do? Would like to give a go?

Let me know in the comments!


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