Hands up everyone who has experienced imposter syndrome in some shape or form! 🙋‍♀️
It’s something that we, as female entrepreneurs, can get hit by a lot.

For those of you who haven’t experienced it (who are you ?? and please get in touch, I’d love to know more!! 😳) – Wikipedia describes it as “a psychological pattern in which one doubts one’s accomplishments and has a persistent internalized fear of being exposed as a “fraud”.

I have definitely had times in my life where it was a ‘persistent’ fear, but over the years I have managed to actively change my mindset and well-being, so that it now ‘only’ hits once in a while. But – when it hits, it can hit so badly, that I can go into a full-blown panic attack! Some days, I can sit down and journal it out, do some EFT “tapping” and turn things around. But other days, I simply need to take the day off and step away from social media and anything work related, take a break and focus on myself.

But – it IS important to talk about and it IS important to know that it happens to all of us!
And that it can continue to happen – even as you grow, make lots of money, bring in lots of new clients, have successful launches – you might still wake up the next day and think:

– That was just a fluke!
– What am I even doing?
– Who am I to be doing this, when I’m not even perfect at it myself?
– They will soon find out that I am a fraud…

And the horrifying thing around imposter syndrome is that it can hit us on our limiting beliefs, which makes it feel very personal.

So, for me, I am all about the easy, abundant chillpreneur lifestyle.
I will never tell you to show up EVERY day and CRUSH your goals! That’s just not my vibe and it’s not how I am!
I am introvert, highly sensitive, an empath and I need space and time for myself, and I want to feel chilled out and grounded.
So I don’t show up every day and I don’t “crush” goals.

My energy is entirely different. And, the majority of the time, I know that THAT is my super power! THAT is how I can create the success that I desire; by being myself. But, it’s also at the heart of my strongest limiting beliefs.

When I see other ‘high ticket coaches’ with their bubbly personality and their go-go-go attitude it can make me feel physically tired plus it can trigger my imposter syndrome right away! Because I think “I’m not like that! And, if I’m not like that, it must mean that I’m a fraud. It must mean that I am wrong and can’t really create the success that I desire” – and then the downwards spiral starts…
And that’s partly why imposter syndrome can be so scary and powerful, because it hits us right where it hurts…

Though, what I have also learned over the years is that it’s NOT personal, and it’s NOT true.

And – we definitely don’t all need to be the same!
Just because you are not like these other coaches and people that you follow, doesn’t mean that you can’t create the success that you desire! You can!

Even though you have imposter syndrome about not being good enough, it is simply not true!
Even though it feels so personal and real, it is simply not true.

You need to be you.
That’s why you were put on this earth, as you!
To embrace your authentic self and embrace your unique skills, talents and gifts.

So if you find yourself comparing yourself to others and thinking “I’m not like that, so I should probably pack it all in.” – Stop.
Come back to yourself.

You need to believe, more than anything, that you are enough.

You need to come back to yourself and find out what your vibe is, what your story is, who you are at a deep level.
You need to find out how to show up as you, not as someone else. And that’s how you are going to create the success you desire.
Not by doing what everybody else is doing, or what everybody else is telling you to do.

As a coach, I am never going to tell you what to do! It’s not my business, it’s YOUR business!
I’m here to help you reconnect with yourself and know, really know, on a deep level that you are enough. As you are. No matter what. To create the success that really matters to you.
I’m never going to tell you to show up as someone else or be someone else than who you really are.

That’s what I want you to know.
We all get hit by imposter syndrome.
It’s not personal.

It’s not true.
We need to come back to ourselves, and then bounce back and show up in a way that feels true for us.

If you’re fed up with other people telling you what to do and how to show up – but you need some help and support with your business and imposter syndrome – please get in touch, I would love to support you!

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