One of the curses of social media, in my opinion, is that we get to see what everybody else is doing all the time and – it’s super hard not to start comparing ourselves to what we see! And then feel bad about ourselves for not ‘living up’ to that.

Especially when you are in business, and fighting to find your USP (Unique Selling Point) and struggling to prove why customers should choose you over someone else to work with, it’s really hard to stand out, yet feel comfortable and at peace with yourself.

Yesterday I came across a female life coach who pretty much does the same as what I do, to the point that what she had written on her website, felt like something I could have written! And, I will admit it, it caught me a bit off guard.

But, the truth is, that there isn’t really any completely new, original ideas out there anymore. Every single ‘theme’ has been covered by coaches, musicians, movie makers etc – many companies live off improving products that are already out there and simply making them better, or cheaper or faster – or whatever!

So – should this stop us from trying to set up our business or do our own thing?? Absolutely not!

Because, even though you are doing something similar to someone else – there is NO ONE that can do what you do, like you. Even with this coach I found yesterday – so yes, our message is very similar, but our methods are different. And WE are different, so there will naturally be people who love her for how she is and wants to work with her, and there will be others that prefer working with me, because they feel a better connection with me. 

So, yes, of course it’s important to know why you stand out, what makes you different, what your message and target market is but – I would argue that embracing your authentic self is your best marketing strategy ever. Because, I repeat, NO ONE is like you! No one will talk the way you do about the things you talk about. No one will have the same experience as you do, and passion for the things you work with. No one will have the unique blend of skills, experiences, INTUITION etc as you do!

So please…stop comparing yourself to others.

Start comparing yourself to where you were yesterday (or last year), where you are today and where you want to be tomorrow.

We are all on different journeys. No one will have an identical journey as you do, and no one will approach it the same way.

YOU – as your authentic, true self – have a unique way to live and others can learn from that, heal from that, transform from that.

You just need to find the people, your tribe, that needs exactly what YOU can give them, in your own unique way! 💕

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