With the rise of personal development “gurus” and coaches telling us their ‘5 top tips to getting the perfect life’ – it can be increasingly hard to know what’s “right” and what’s “wrong”. It’s also easy to get hit by information overload and just feel more overwhelmed than when you started out. I too have my “tips” and “secrets” but what I will always clarify is that I don’t believe there is only ONE way to do things. We are all different, and therefore need different things, and I also believe it’s great to “throw everything at it” in terms of trying out different ideas and angles to find out what works best for you.

That is really my mission; empowering female entrepreneurs to find out what works best for them in their life! I will have ideas and my “methods” but I won’t ever force anything on you, if it doesn’t feel right to you. Each of us is unique and different and that’s the beauty of it; Discovering what it is that makes each and everyone of us tick and blossom and create the success that we desire.

Having said all that, here are my “secrets” to success:

1) Define what ‘success’ means for you.
Because we are all different and unique, our definition of ‘success’ will be different and unique, so we need to define what we are actually trying to achieve. It can be specific material things, it can be things we do, it can be how we feel. However we want to define it, we need to know what makes us happy and what we are striving for.

2) Heal your wounds.
Whatever your definition of success is, I am fairly certain that there will be something around ‘being happy’ or ‘being at ease’ and, in my experience, that real deep sense of feeling happy and at ease only comes from healing our emotional wounds and past hurts. That means forgiving others what they have done, or not done. Forgiving ourselves. And letting go of resentment and anger. This in itself can dramatically shift your energy to a higher frequency.

3) Work on your mindset.
Some coaches swear by mindset work and whereas I definitely think it is an important part of ‘the work’, I don’t believe in only working on your mindset. “Working on your mindset” includes identifying the limiting beliefs/negative self talk you have and turning them into positive affirmations and beliefs. The idea is that if we fully believe that we can do something, then we can do that! Rather than believing that we can’t, and therefore not being able to. So yes – working on having a positive, open, abundant mindset is definitely important! But I don’t believe it’s all there is to it.

4) Embrace your authentic self.
This is really what I am most passionate about and where I feel the real transformation takes place. I believe that the real key to success – success that matters to us – is to embrace our authentic self. Instead of trying to be someone we are not, and beating ourselves up about our “flaws” – using our strengths and uniqueness to create a life that works for us, is the clearest way to achieving true success for yourself. This often comes from defining success, healing your wounds and working on your mindset so that you fully believe that you are enough to create the success you desire. And then:

5) Take continuous action.
Nothing really changes without us actually making changes and that’s why taking action is as important as all of the above. We don’t have to take perfect action, we don’t always have to take big, scary action but we DO need to take action. Small steps, continuous imperfect action, it all adds up to creating the changes that we need to make to create the success we desire. And when we take action from a place of focus, wholeness, positivity and grounding then we can achieve anything we want!

BONUS: You don’t need to do everything on your own.

Having a good network to support you is vital. It can be friends or a group of people who are also working on similar goals or a life coach who challenges you gently, celebrate with you with every step and who holds a safe space for you to explore and make those big shifts. That’s what I am here for 💚

Looking at these areas – which one are you most drawn to? That might be a good place for you to start exploring.

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