We will continue to grow and develop, there will always be ups and downs, twists, and turns.

And that’s ok.

Ebbs and flows are normal because life happens in cycles.

We know this is true, but continue to forget.

We don’t expect to go to the gym once and then be fit for life, do we?

We don’t expect to shower ONCE and then never have to shower again, do we?

No, we don’t.

So why do we believe we can get rid of all the bad stuff once and for all, and be forever awesome?

We must continuously take action on the things that are important to us, and that’s why so many people never reach their goals or get to where they want to be – they simply don’t have the patience, trust, and focus to keep going.


But it’s also important to know that to ‘keep going’ doesn’t mean that we have to be in go-go-go mode all the time!

There will be times where we work a lot – for instance, a launch – and then there will be other times where we rest to recharge. There will be times where we feel like we are on top of the world, and everything is going smoothly, and there will be times where we feel so lost and confused. Enough so that we consider quitting. 

If we can learn to accept the natural balance, feeling what seems like two extremes are healthy, that they are part of the process, then we can take some of the intensity out of it.

I believe it’s unrealistic to completely get rid of doubt and imposter syndrome. It will continue to hit us throughout our journey of entrepreneurship and personal development, but it doesn’t mean that it has to throw us off every single time! I see it as a sign that it’s time to level up and embrace a new version of yourself. Step even more into your power and awesomeness.

Every time we hit a new plateau in our life and business, a new ‘ceiling,’ a new ‘level’ – whatever you want to call it – we often experience uneasiness or discomfort. 

It might show up as frustration over the work you are doing, that you are feeling stuck (again!), and unsure of what’s next. The processes you had built and setup feels limiting and slow. You find yourself working more and more, and having less time off to enjoy life or spend time with your family. You start doubting yourself – what is going on?? Why are you falling back into this ‘work hard’ trap? You thought you had dealt with that already!!!


What’s even more paralysing is being hit by such intense fear that you start doubting everything you’re doing. Maybe this isn’t your purpose, after all. 

Maybe you’ve been kidding yourself all along. Perhaps you really don’t have what it takes to create the success you want. Maybe you should just give up and find a regular, stable job because this feels too hard. 

Honestly, what the actual F*#K! 😳

Breathe, beautiful… There’s nothing wrong with you, and you’re not broken. 

You’re just getting ready to level up and move to the next phase level. 


I want you to be fully prepared because up-levelling can sometimes trigger old fears and patterns, ones that we have already cleared on certain levels, but now there’s a new side to it that needs attention.

Think of it like meeting some old Gremlins – greet them as old friends, thank them for showing up to remind you how far you have come, and that you are now stepping into a new power. Then let them go.

Once you recognise that, you can start shifting the focus to looking after yourself, getting the support you need – perhaps investing in yourself by hiring a coach and intuitive healer to support you through the up-levelling. Allow yourself to embrace this new part of your authentic self that is ready to reveal itself.

The more we can enjoy the journey to revealing this new level of ourselves, that is full of love, vibrancy, and authentic magnetism, your flows no longer pull you into extremes. 

Know that the less power we give the ups and downs, the easier and faster we can sail through them.

Are you ready to create the success you desire?


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