She knew she needed to break the cycle cos it was affecting her life, her business and her health…

She had gotten herself into a vicious cycle of worry, stress and guilt that just kept on growing and expanding until she felt completely overwhelmed and not able to focus on anything. Her work was suffering. Her health was suffering. Her peace of mind had gone out of the window.

When she came to me she was almost in tears because she was so tired and worried about messing up every chance of success because she knew that being stuck in that cycle would get her nowhere.

I did a reiki session with her and we went in with the intention of breaking the cycle, of resetting everything so that she could start a new one of ease, happiness and abundance.

At first her conscious mind was fighting it but we asked it to step aside for a while and reassured her that it was safe to do so. Once she did, my client quickly eased into a state of relaxation and the reiki energy swept over her to clear the guilt, the worries and the stress.

As she bathed in the pure energy, I received beautiful messages from her spirit guides that will help her refocus her energy for this new cycle. When we spoke about them afterwards she was moved to tears because they resonated deeply with her.

When she came back to full awareness her face had fully relaxed so you could truly see and feel her glowing presence.

She described it first as a ‘smoothing’ of her body and mind. Her energy before had been so ‘rough’ and edgy but she had been able to fully relax and let go for the first time in awhile.

We had broken the cycle and she was now able to start a new one feeling fully aligned.

Instead of just pushing forward, we need to sometimes stop and break the cycle. Reiki is such a powerful tool for this.

Here’s what my client said afterwards:

The feeling of peace, calm and being grounded, I had after the session, was just incredible. I am definitely in a better space. In fact, I even told my husband about you and recommended that he gets in touch 🤗

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