Ever since I was a kid, I felt this deep, knowing that I was meant for something more. That I had a higher purpose in life, except there was one problem- I had no idea what my purpose truly was. Figuring it out was all I ever wanted!

I had several ideas about what my real purpose was such as, being a professional singer and songwriter or owning my own hotel in Ireland, where I lived for 12 years. But I knew at its core, my purpose was always about working for myself. I wanted to help others in some way.

As strong as my sense of purpose was in being self-employed and supporting others, I also felt that I was just drifting through life. I was floating along passively and waiting…Waiting for something to happen, so that my life would finally start.
I’m not even sure what I was waiting for, but something HAD to happen at some point, so I could start living my ‘real’ life where I knew what my purpose was and was following my dream!

I got glimpses of it every now and again… Like when I performed my own songs. I felt a strong, compelling sense of being alive and being whole. When I stopped performing, I got the feeling when I went to gigs and watched other people live out their dreams.

When I moved towns, I had a lot of time to myself, where I started meditating regularly, read about spirituality, and journaled about every aspect of life. While I was doing this, I had this sense that I was connecting with something real and profound in my soul, even though I didn’t really understand it.

I went back and forth between searching for my purpose, and merely going along with my day to day life. I had different jobs, started new things, and never finished anything. Every now and then I would break free from what was expected of me and joined a personal development course or did some vocal training or randomly started something new just because I felt like it! I’m sure my parents worried about what on earth I was up to!

I was searching for my purpose…My purpose that I hadn’t a clue what it was, but I knew I HAD to find and fulfill it.
So why did it take me so long?

After a while of doing something fun and fulfilling and different, I would always go back to the ‘real’ world. I’d get a proper job and try, once again, to fit in and get a ‘real’ degree that I could actually use in the world to become a version of something I was conditioned to think was successful.

The thing is, as much as I knew that my deepest desire was to find and live out my purpose, I also knew that my deepest fear was to never find it.

What I feared, even more, was finding it and not being able to fulfill it! I felt that I would rather live an ordinary life than fail at living out my life’s purpose.

I hadn’t a clue what that purpose was, and the unknown scared me so much more than my slightly dull, but ultimately ok, status quo. I got comfortable, I got distracted, I forgot about this purpose again and again…

Until I decided that enough was enough- I quit my job, and I went to work for myself!

When I first started working for myself, I realised I already knew what my purpose was…

It had been staring at me my whole life!

When I thought about it, I remembered I said I always wanted to work for myself, that I wanted to help others, and use my favourite medium of expression, writing. These were the common themes that were just waiting for me to notice them!

I’m now working for myself, empowering female entrepreneurs to live their best lives, and I just started writing my first book!

And do you know what I also discovered?

I discovered that yes, we all have a purpose in life, and that purpose is to embrace our authentic selves. It is to use the gifts and the talents that we have to create success that really matters to us. THAT is why we were put here on earth; to be exactly who we are.

And do you know what else?

It’s not as hard as you think… the unknown can feel scary, but when you start choosing to be your authentic self when you start doing the things you love and are good at when you begin fulfilling your life’s purpose – it is incredibly easy. It is supposed to be easy!

It doesn’t mean that you won’t be challenged on the way or that you won’t have setbacks – that’s part of the journey! But fulfilling your life’s purpose is easy. Simply because it is what you are meant to do. It is what you were born to do.

And, by embracing that purpose, by embracing your authentic self, you also realise that this means you are enough just as you are.

It means that you no longer need to push, fight, struggle, or try to be someone else.
You simply need to be yourself. That is how we create real success that matters to us.

Want to create success that really matters to you?


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