Confession: I don’t really like my legs and thighs that much… I think they are too white/pale (I don’t tan well or, at all!) and I feel I am weighing just a wee bit too much at the moment, for me to really feel comfortable in my body.⁠

Over the last year and a half I lost about 16 kg! I had put on so much weight the years before that and though I had tried different things to lose it, nothing really worked. Because, as much as I wanted to lose weight, I wasn’t 100% committed to it. Once I made the decision for sure, and committed to it, I lost the weight.⁠

I have kept it off pretty much since, though, with the Christmas holidays and food & drink indulgences here in Spain, it’s crept up a little bit. Though nothing compared to where I was.⁠

But – what I really wanted to say here is this; feeling good about yourself, and feeling comfortable in your body, is not just about the actual weight on the scales! It’s more about how you FEEL in your body!⁠

I have always struggled a bit with my weight, and sometimes it has bothered me and other times not so much, but now – where I have started to really deeply love and accept myself – my relationship to my body has changed. I don’t ‘hate’ on it anymore. I don’t call myself ugly or horrible or anything like that. I accept where my body is at right now, but also acknowledge that it’s not where I want it to be – in terms of me feeling completely comfortable in my own skin.⁠

This feels so much different to when I started trying to lose weight – where it was out of hate, almost disgust, and negative, embarrassing feelings about how I SHOULD look and how much I SHOULD weigh. That didn’t work at all.⁠

But when I started wanting to lose weight and FEEL better in my own body, for ME – not for anyone else – that’s when it started to shift.⁠⁠
I am not a weight loss coach but – I believe that embracing your authentic self is the first powerful step to living the life you want – also in terms of your physical body! Accepting ALL of you, even if you aren’t where you want to be yet, is super powerful on all levels.

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