Forget about mindset, positive affirmations and strategy – THIS is what you need to focus on to create the success you desire! 💚

I am not dissing mindset work and the other stuff – I use it too, and it’s powerful and effective but what I have discovered over time is that THE most important thing to work on is your ENERGY.

Energy is everything. The energy you show up with determines the success of your business, your relationships, your life.

If you show up with fear, doubt, anger or resentment then that is what you will manifest and experience.

If you show up with love, compassion, trust and joy then you can manifest all that your heart desires and much much more.

So how do we change our energy?

Mindset work has its place, but one thing is TELLING ourselves that we are worthy, enough, confident etc – another thing is FEELING it.

We need to get out of our conscious mind and into the subconscious. THIS is where we see the real story, this is where we can fully heal our blocks and change our beliefs and thereby shift our energy.

Don’t believe me?

Try this next time you are feeling overwhelmed, stuck or ‘low’;

💚 Close your eyes and put your hands over your heart
💚 Take a few deep breaths while focusing on your heart
💚 Imagine that you are breathing FROM your heart and that a bright light is emanating from this space. It’s filling you up with warm light and spreading throughout your body
💚 Do this for as long as you like, open your eyes and notice how you feel

Energy work is powerful and once you feel that energy shift – the world is truly your oyster.

It’s not just about business success – money, wealth, clients (though bring that on!) – it’s also in your relationships and in yourself. That sense of peace and knowing that, no matter what, you are enough…that feeling is indescribable.

I know you are ready for absolute abundance!
It’s my mission in life to support you with this so I want to make it easy for you – check out my services below!

And here’s a video with the breathing exercise above, which will help you re-balance your energy:

Are you ready to create the success you desire?


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