You so badly want to believe that your dream life and business is one of ease and abundance. You see others talk about this all the time and you want in on the action!

You so badly want to believe that creating your own life and success is worth it and not just another stressful full-time job where you are ridden with fear, guilt, pressured for time and have no free time at all. That’s not why you left your stable, secure jobs!

You so badly want to believe all this is possible but are tripping yourself up and getting in your own way because you are stuck in your beliefs that it is simply not possible to have it all.
That “success” requires hard work, lots of hours and effort.
That you need to sacrifice everything – love, family, sleep, time off – to one day get what you really want.

But does that feel worth it?
Having to wait for someday in the future to be happy?
Can’t we be happy and enjoy life now?

Of course, we can, beautiful!
But we need to allow it first.

Remember that ‘effortless’ is not the same as ‘no effort’ and dream lives and businesses don’t happen overnight.
However, we don’t need to go through years of gruelling heart-aches and burnouts to be happy and create success. There is actually a much better and faster way; Finding the path of least resistance.
Again, it’s not ‘no’ resistance, but it’s the least resistance.

This will look different for each individual- there is no one size fits all! Which is probably why it can sometimes feel like an endless frustrating search to get it ‘right’.

When you do get it right for you and when you get that sense of complete alignment -> THAT is where the magic happens! This is where you hit your flow, your groove, and create the life and business of your dreams!
Not without ups and downs – that’s just part of life – but with much more ease and joy than when you were trying to push your way through a brick wall!

To start this process of shifting into a flow, you need to look at any limiting beliefs you may hold around having to work hard, having to live up to a specific type of success defined by others, and thinking that it’s “cheating” when something comes naturally to us!
On the surface, it might sound silly, but these are some beliefs that I’ve uncovered, both for myself my clients.

Once you begin by identifying those beliefs and start breaking them down, you can start clearing them out of your system. You can do this with forgiveness work and letting go of memories and stories that have created these beliefs. You can do it by cutting the ties to the standards that you no longer want to live up to. As you work through the process of forgiveness, you’ll begin to slowly open yourselves up to the fact that there is a different way of doing things and that you can explore that!.

Then you start rewiring those limiting beliefs into positive, supportive ones. I help you do this with EFT (emotional freedom technique) or ‘parts’ work where we transform the beliefs and also integrate them into our new self.

Together, we can also look at the practical aspects of your life and business and get to know the real you- what really works for her. What does the ‘path of least resistance’ mean for you, and how can we pave the way for you?

Throughout all of this, we continue to take action on our insights and move forward. We explore what comes up because this is how we build trust in ourselves and in our path. We move forward, we test our ideas, we get feedback, we adjust, and tweak things, and try again.

We get to know ourselves so well that we just KNOW what path to take to make it easier for ourselves. Not because we are lazy (that’s another limiting belief!!) but because we want to and deserve to have a comfortable life where things flow smoothly and naturally and where we can fully be ourselves and live out our purpose.

Because what’s the point working for ourselves if we burn ourselves to the ground?
There is another way, beautiful.
And it’s your time to start your journey on it.
I’m here to guide and support you on your way!

Are you ready to create the success you desire?

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