I have just decluttered the contact list on my phone and some paper work. Why? Because I craved to declutter something, so I can propel myself forward to take inspired action!

I am currently in Spain (not at home) so I have very little with me to declutter. I have been ‘on the road’ for 4 weeks now, have two left before I go home to Ireland so I already have limited stuff with me, however, I craved decluttering something! 

Because, from personal experience and from working on this with clients too, I know that decluttering your physical space is the first step to moving forward and taking action. It is, for me, also the very first step in embracing your authentic self in order to be happy now.

How does that work? Well, if you are familiar with the Marie Kondo method, you might also be aware that physical things hold energy. Physical things can literally and energetically weigh us down, and stop us from moving forward. So many of us are holding on to physical stuff that we no longer need, no longer like (or never liked!) or that are simply broken and unfixable! We may not be aware of it, but these things hold us back, they bog us down, and prevent us moving forward.

So if you are working on moving forward, taking action, embracing your authentic self, longing to be happy NOW and start living your best life then declutter something! Anything!

Today: find 10 things around you that are broken, no longer serve you, or that simply makes you miserable looking at it and get rid of them! You can, of course, sell the things if they are worth something but – I warn you – don’t let it become another pile in your house of things that needs to be sold! If that’s the case, then focus on finding 10 things today that you can simply throw out and get rid of today!

Take a deep breath and see how you feel.

Start freeing yourself from the clutter that is holding you back and preventing you from taking inspire action towards living your best life!

I am also decluttering my old 1-1 prices so they are going up in two days! So if you want my support in embracing your authentic self so you can be happy right now, and start living the life you want, make sure you book in a free 30 minutes discovery call before Wednesday (January 15th) to claim those prices! You can book your free discovery call here!


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