Happy New Year! 🎉

I am officially back in the office today, but the “office” is currently a cute rented apartment in sunny Spain! I am here for the next 3 weeks! 😎

I have had two days to chill, settle in, and then today I was planning to jump back into gear! Just like that! But…coming back to work from the holidays takes a bit more time than that, apparently. My body feels tired, sluggish, sore, tight. And my mind feels like mush 🤯

You probably know the feeling, right? So how do we kick back into gear after being away?

I try a dose of compassionate discipline. There is absolutely no point in me beating myself up about the slow pace today, or the fact that I am not feeling particularly excited about checking emails and whatever right now. That’s just where I am at, no point in beating myself up about it. However, I do need to check some emails today and get some other things done and I know that I do well with structure and routines so, I am slowly and compassionately structuring my day and getting back into my routines.

I did my morning pages… I did take a break half way through and then continued after drinking my coffee. I did my meditation and reiki, although it was much later than I usually do it and I had breakfast before hand because I was getting hungry.

am doing my blog post now and will do some work afterwards, but I am giving myself plenty of breaks, time outs and allowing the day to unfold rather than pushing it too much. I also need to make time for jumping in the pool later 🏊‍♀️ Because that is partly why I am here; to enjoy the lovely weather, the pool and the chilled, laid back atmosphere that you find here in Spain. I want to have time for my body to wake up fully after the cold weather and to be able to stretch and breathe and move gently. I feel like I am rising up from a very long sleep, so no wonder that I can’t just kick things into gear overnight!

You might have the same feeling heading back to work and, if you are not your own boss, it can be hard to really get the space to arrive back! I remember it well from when I worked for someone else! But even though you can’t fully structure your day as you wish, you can still be compassionate and gentle with yourself. A lot of people have that slightly crazy new years energy of ‘go go gooooo’ – I don’t, and if you are feeling the same, then it’s totally ok to acknowledge that and just focus on what you need today to feel ok. Perhaps a bit of quiet-time, perhaps an extra coffee break if you can, perhaps to have a quiet evening and get to bed early. Whatever you need to feel ok, is ok.

I think I might need that extra coffee break right now! And perhaps a quick dip in the pool to clear out the cobwebs! 🕸😁

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