Many of us have such a conflicting relationship with money. You know that you need it to pay the bills, support yourself and be ‘successful’ in your business. But at the same time, you can also feel repelled by it because we were brought up thinking that it’s “dirty” and that making good money should be challenging.

So many of us have been chasing it all our lives. Working our asses off, because we were told we need to work hard to make money and that will make us successful. We have been frantically trying to earn our way but also blocking ourselves from truly receiving because it felt so heavy and hard. Because of our limiting beliefs, such as, ‘rich people are mean’, and ‘rich women are bitches’ – why would we want to be like that??

We don’t trust money, because of all the negative stories we have heard and because there never seems to be enough. It always seems to create unnecessary drama or friction between family members and loved ones. By this thinking, what we have created is a dark, vicious cycle of striving towards making money and yet continuing to subconsciously push it away.

Instead, we need to change our relationship with money.
We must learn to trust it, to love it, and to allow it to merely be the means to an end that it is.

Cos it’s not really about the money at all! It’s not about the actual amount of money you receive, it’s about what that money can give you. Whether it be in terms of goods, time and freedom. Freedom to do the things you love. Freedom to create success on your terms.

When viewing it in this way, we can begin to open ourselves up to the possibility of a new way of looking at money. See it with fresh eyes and a breath of clarity.

Instead of thinking about it as heavy, hard, and dirty, can we stretch ourselves to start seeing it as pure energy, as an energetic exchange and as something light and nourishing?

This goes back to our trust in the Universe.

Many of us feel ok about trusting the Universe to bring us abundance, happiness, love, compassion – but money?? No way! That’s a separate issue altogether!.

But in truth, it’s not.

The Universe wants to provide for you! Since money is the most common currency to spend on earth, of course, the Universe wants you to receive money! It wants you to be wealthy and abundant, and to make money by sharing your gifts with the world!

But even so, women especially, feel that we cannot charge for our gifts! We were raised wanting to be ‘good’ girls who share freely and give continuously. That is a beautiful image, though it’s not sustainable in the practical, physical world.

So again, can we learn to trust that the Universe has our back? That the Universe wants to provide for us – also in an authentic way, by receiving money?

If we believe in a Universe that provides endless love and support, why not also believe that there is an infinite amount of money available for us?
If we believe in a Universe that gave us our unique gifts and talents, and which put us here on earth for the specific purpose of sharing those gifts, why not also believe that it is ok for us to make money while doing it?

Money is simply the means to an end. Don’t make it harder than it is!.
It’s the energy exchange between you providing a service and you receiving money for it.
It’s the energy exchange between you receiving goods/services and your giving money for it.
There is no difference there, and it doesn’t have to be hard or heavy.

Money is pure energy.
It is supportive, it is vibrant, it is nourishing.
It is light, it is fun, and it is easy flowing once we allow it to be.

And money loves confidence.
It’s not the cocky confidence that you might be thinking about, but deep-rooted confidence in your authentic self.
Because when you have confidence in yourself and in what you offer, then you can confidently talk about it. You can charge a reasonable price, you can state your price confidently, and people (money too) will be drawn to you magnetically. Your people will trust and love you. Because you trust and love it also.

Money comes and goes, as everything does. It ebbs and flows in cycles, just as everything does.
We have the power to change the vicious cycle of heaviness into a supportive cycle of trust and love.
YOU can change the energy in your money circle by learning to love and trust yourself.
And in doing that, you can learn to trust and love money.
And money loves to be trusted and loved, so how could it not flow to you quickly and effortlessly?.

Being confident earns you money the easy way; By opening yourself up to receive the wealth and abundance that was purely meant for you.

Are you ready to create the success you desire?


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