Working for yourself can be sooo amazing and fulfilling, because you get to create a life and business with all the freedom, flexibility and fulfilment that you desire! 😍

However, it can also very quickly become overwhelming, stressful, frustrating and down-right hard because there seems to always be more to do and it’s easy to get stuck in complete paralysis not knowing what the next best step is. 😬

If you are feeling stuck, overwhelmed and frustrated – here are 5 practical things you can do to shift the negative energy and move forward!

1. Move the energy physically

When we are sitting bent over our laptops feeling soo overwhelmed by it all, the easiest thing to do to shift out of that stuckness, is actually to PHYSICALLY shift the energy! This means; get up and move around. It can be a quick stretch, a few yoga poses, a spontaneous dance routine (obviously if you are working from a cafe or something – this might get you a few stares 😆💃) or just shaking your shoulders, arms and legs for a bit. It’s incredible how the simple act of phyiscally moving can shift your energy into something new.

2. Fresh air and exercise

In line with the first tip, getting outside for either a walk or a run can do magic for your energy and mind too! If you’re not a runner, a short brisk walk can do the trick. Or – even just standing outside for a couple of minutes, breathing deeply and noticing the fresh air entering and leaving your body, can help you feel refreshed and alert. It’s also great to regularly get up and outside to look at nature (if you have that around you), because looking at nature helps relax your eyes and can therefore give you a bit of a mental break too.

3. Journaling

I am a huge fan of journaling and writing things down – I know it’s not for everybody, but if you are feeling stuck and overwhelmed, I really recommend grabbing a journal (or notepad, if you don’t have a journal) and simply writing your thoughts down. You might be tempted to do it on the laptop, but it is quite different actually writing it down on paper. Don’t overthink what you write, just write your thoughts, how you are feeling, any random thing that pop up. It can be incredibly useful to get your thoughts out of your head in this way. You can also use it more constructively in terms of asking yourself question about the situation: Why am I feeling stuck? What am I avoiding here? What am I feeling? What is it that I really want to do? What am I worried about? Again, don’t overthink it – just ask and let yourself answer. You’ll be surprised at what gold nuggets might come up for you around what’s going on.

4. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

If you have never tried EFT before, I highly recommend it! It’s a very simple practice of “tapping” on different parts of your body while saying different mantras/sentences. It can be used for absolutely everything; if you are feeling anxious, if you are stressed out, if you find yourself bogged down by negative thoughts and so it can also work amazingly well to shift negative energy. I have a quick video on using EFT here – but you can also look up ‘Brad Yates’ on YouTube and search for your specific emotion like, “Brad Yates – Feeling overwhelmed” – which is an actual video that I recommend! Brad is my all-time favourite EFT go-to person! If this sounds totally woo woo to you, I get it but – still, give it a go!

5. Declutter your physical space

You have probably heard about Marie Kondo and how she wants us all to tidy up our physical space and only have things around us that sparks joy! The reason why it’s become so popular, I think, is partly because many of us buy sooo much stuff and clutter up our lives with it, and partly because decluttering our physical space really really works! It’s actually the first thing that I do when I feel stuck, overwhelmed and frustrated about something! I look around me and I clear my desk, or I tidy up my room, and I try to find, at least, 5 things to throw out! It can be things that are broken, no longer in use, no longer serves me or things that I simply don’t want in my life anymore. All the physical clutter is creating our mental clutter, so by reclaiming our physical space – we shift and clear that negative energy too.

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