I used to be quite the perfectionist. I would go over details again and again and again before showing it to anyone, or before I even spoke to anyone about it! It definitely still comes up once in a while, around certain things, but I have become so much better at not letting it hold me back from taking action.

Because that is really what it did and what it does for so many people!

If we can’t do the perfect job, say the perfect thing, look perfect, then there’s just no point in doing it! But my dear friend…there soooo is!!

First of all, what is ‘perfection’ even??? It’s really just this image that we have in our head about how something should be. Two days ago I wrote about how I feel we should delete ‘Should’ from our vocabulary so if you feel you have a lot of should’s in your life, maybe check that out 😊

But so, if we have this vision in our head about how things should be then, to summarise my blog post from the other day, we are constantly indicating that what we are doing is wrong, or will be wrong. Should is such a limiting, negative, blocked word! Who says who should do such and such? The other day I wrote about society saying we should do certain things, but we also set very high standards for ourselves. So we tell ourselves that we should be perfect. And we might be able to define that as we should always look perfect, we should never make mistakes and we should simply always be perfect. Some other “great” words there; always and never. If those are the words that you are using, then you are really setting yourself up for disappointment. No one really ever does something always or never. Because we are human beings! Not robots.

And do you know what? That’s the beauty of it!

We are all beautiful, unique, imperfect human beings. I think the sooner we accept that, the better. It doesn’t mean that we can’t improve or make situations better but, it means that perhaps we can re-define the visions in our head. And so, instead of setting ourselves up for failure, we set ourselves up for success.

Ooh, I can feel this is a hard one to write about because there are many aspects to it! Haha! What did I get myself involved in?? 🙈 

I guess, what I am trying to say is that, as with everything in life…it’s about finding a balance 😊

Because what I don’t want to say is ‘lower your expectations to life, so that you don’t disappoint yourself!’ – that’s not what I mean at all! I know that many do this. They don’t allow themselves to get too excited about something, in case it doesn’t work out. But I think that that is just setting yourself up for disappointments, because you are sending the Universe a signal that you aren’t really that interested in such and such happening, and you’re a bit so and so about it. So then why should the Universe help you get it? I would say, rather get fully excited about the possibilities and opportunities in your life! Even if they don’t all work out.

So, what I am saying is; do dream big, plan big and get excited!! Know that you can have it all! Because you absolutely can! But – don’t let the vision of perfection in your head stop you from taking action towards achieving it! That’s really what I am trying to say!!

Do absolutely dream big and visualise yourself doing/being/achieving that etc but then be open to the how (I wrote about ‘how to go all in‘ here) and take consistent imperfect action towards achieving it! I know that part of it can be scary, because we can get stuck in overanalysing and paralysis because we are so afraid to make a mistake and do the wrong thing! What if there is no wrong thing to do? What if you believed that every single action you take towards your goal, is moving you one step closer to your goal!? If you fully believed that, then what would you do? What action would you take?

do believe that every single action taking towards our dream, is moving us one step closer to that dream. Because, even if that one step later on feels like a ‘mistake’ or isn’t quite the right thing, it still moves you closer to finding out what the ‘right’ step is! And that is moving you closer to your goal! If you are not sure what to do next to move closer to your goal – simply take ONE step forward! Do ONE thing towards it. Even if it’s a small thing like reaching out to someone for support. Actually, I feel that is a really great step anytime you are feeling stuck because talking things through can be really good and help shift things. Though, make sure that the person you reach out to doesn’t have a hidden agenda and will try to persuade you to go in a certain direction. The idea is simply to talk openly about your options so that you can see more clearly what next little step you can take. 

The main thing is to continue to take action, however imperfect they may seem. For instance, if you want to get fit or lose weight, you might join the gym. You go 2-3 times a week, or whatever you decide on. Every time you go may not feel “perfect”. It might feel really hard, you might want to give up and not do it, you might want to never go back again! I’ve had those days in the gym for sure 😅 (I don’t actually go to the gym anymore, but that’s a whole other point/story.). The trouble is that, if you decide not to go back, decide not to show up, decide not to go, then you won’t reach your goal. You need to continue to show up, and take imperfect action, in order to reach your goal. You continue to show up, do the work, and then one day you will realise that you have arrived and achieved what you wanted to achieve! But you need to continue to take imperfect action…

So – what is happening in your life right now where you are avoiding taking action??

What small little step can you take today to move towards your goal?

I know it can feel scary, but just take ONE little step today. Even if it means simply scheduling time in to work on it or talk to someone about it. Sometimes the simple act for committing to something, can shift something else inside of you. So take one simple step today towards your goal, and then notice how you feel about that.

If you need support in talking through options in your life, you can book a free 30 minutes discovery call here to see how I can help you 💕

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