As I have mentioned before, most of my blog post ideas come to me during my morning meditation/Reiki session. Going into the meditation, I rarely know what will come up but, most often, an idea will pop up and take hold and that is usually where I start my blog post from. But sometimes, like today, nothing really comes up. Actually today, the words “sometimes no words come” came up! 

So I thought, fair enough. That happens. I will start with that.

It could be because I changed my routine around a bit this morning, and so I may have interrupted my usual flow. The word ‘flow‘ is used by many creative people as that state of mind they enter when they are 100% focused on their work and kind of disappear from the real world for a while to simply create. I love the word flow. I experience that too, when I write, and sometimes at other times when I am working on my business. For me, it’s very much linked to intuition as well. It’s like I simply ‘receive’ more easily in that state of mind. I am fully open to the intuition and inspiration and it simply flows through me without me thinking too much about it.

Creative people work in many different ways, of course. Some feel that inspiration strikes them at random times and then they simply need to create there and then. Others, like myself, feel we need to schedule time to actually enter that state of flow. I see it as a river, a stream, and that I need to schedule time for me to immerse myself into that river, into that stream, into that flow. So that’s what I am doing with my morning routine these days. I give myself time not to be interrupted or influenced, and I simply immerse myself into the flow and see what comes up. And sometimes, nothing much comes up, and that’s ok too. 

It’s not that I don’t get ideas or feel inspired at other times, I do, but I find that I get more easily distracted later in the day and in the evening, and it’s therefore easier for me to brush things aside. So I very much feel I need to really plan time to be creative in and to get inspired in. I often work on some more practical things after breakfast, and then I might schedule more creative time later in the day, where I then again try to immerse myself in the flow. Sometimes it helps if I only focus on one thing/project at a time. Other times I brainstorm to get ideas. I love everything to do with writing, and writing on actual paper too, so even though I am typing out my blog posts on my laptop, I also do a lot of journaling or brainstorming offline. My morning journaling is in an actual physical journal. There is simply something magical about the act of the hand moving over the paper and filling out the lines. I love that flow too.

But I love my laptop as well. I love typing away. I love words. I love putting them together and knowing that I can never ever run out of words makes me feel strangely abundant! I simply love writing. I simply love who I am when I write. Because I feel like I am the truest version of myself when I write. I dare be myself 100%. No one telling me what I can and can’t do, no one telling me how things ‘should’ be. I simply allow myself to be exactly who I am. 

I feel I am myself more and more ‘outside’ of the writing too, and I am so proud of myself for that. I have grown so much in the last while. Interestingly enough, I use the word ‘change’ about myself, but actually, I feel deeply that I haven’t really changed, I have simply become myself. I have become more truly myself.

This is a bit of an odd week for me. I am flying to Denmark (where I am from) on Monday and kicking off 6 weeks of traveling! 3 weeks in Denmark for Christmas and New Years and then straight off to Spain afterwards, for another 3 weeks. It hasn’t fully hit me yet, that it’s only a few days away, but I am beginning to pack and get ready on a practical level. I want to take some time out too, to get ready mentally. I am looking forward to it all, but I also know that the holidays can be tough for me – being introverted, quirky, needing a lot of space and all that 😁 So I feel I need to take some time out to prepare myself for that a bit. I have time. It’s all good.

I will leave it at that for today. I will be back tomorrow 💕

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