I am from Denmark, but have been living and working in Ireland for more than 11 years now. I have always loved Ireland, ever since I went over the first time on holidays. I was 15 and had persuaded my parents to take me. It was magical and I just felt at home straight away. I guess I always knew, at some level, that I would move here at some point. I now call Ireland home and can’t imagine living anywhere else. But I love traveling.

Since I quit my full-time job mid-September I have been taking full advantage of my newfound freedom and flxibility! I went traveling for about a month! I had 2 weeks with my parents in Denmark, 10 days with my best friend in her house in the Swedish forests, and then a few days back in Denmark with my older brother and his family. Being able to work on the go is absolutely amazing and I love being able to just head off whenever I want to!

I came back from my travels last Saturday and on the Monday my older sister messaged me; She lives in Philladelphia, so I don’t get to see her that often, but she is currently in London for a week to work. She was asking if I wanted to come over for a couple of days. And I said, sure why not?? 😁 I had no fixed plans that required my physical presence to be in Ireland and it’s exactly these kind of spontaneous moments that working for myself gives me! So today I am heading off to London for a few days to catch up with her. I think it’s going to be awesome!

So, I absolutely looove the internet! I love that it allows me to keep in touch with friends and family all over the world! I love that it allows me to connect with clients from all over the world! I love that it allows me to create a life where I am location independent!

I don’t want to be a full on digital nomade, traveling from place to place all the time – I am actually quite a home-bird! 🐦 But I love having the freedom and flexibility to go if and when I want to!

I also enjoy social media – I am active on Facebook and Instagram. I love the fact that I can connect with like-minded people from all over the world! I can inspire and empower women across the world, and likewise, I can find inspiration from outside of my physical whereabouts. I love love looooove this! I did a Facebook live yesterday with a good friend where we spoke about self-love, following your heart and following your intuition and it was so inspiring and wonderful!! (It’s in Danish, I’m afraid, so won’t make sense to all but we are planning to do some in English too).

However, I also feel the drain of it sometimes…The constant input, the constant ‘noise’, the constant being ‘on’ all the time. I use social media myself to connect with potential clients, so I definitely add to the noise! And I quite like posting updates and pictures and videos etc – which can sound odd cos I am super introvert and looove my own space! But I have no problem being authentic and real and vulnerable on social media!

However, part of me wants to get off the “grid” (the internet) and just live more simply, more soulfully. But how do we do that? How do we live simply and soulfully in such a materialistic world? I also partly need the internet for work, so I can’t just fully let go of it. And I don’t really want to but… I definitely feel a need to reduce my time and attention on “it”. Because this constant input blocks my creative flow.

And I feel that has very much been my challenge lately. I haven’t been able to work or think or create anything because I have been overwhelmed and suffocated by other people’s input, opinions, drama, ideas…These last few days have been different.

I wake up and I sit down to write – I journal for about 30 minutes every morning and have been doing that for years. It’s a practice called “Morning pages” from Julia Cameron’s amazing book ‘The Artist’s Way’. She talks about it in the video here; Morning Pages by Julia Cameron. If I don’t do my morning pages, I can feel it! I feel much more scattered and disconnected, so they are really important for me. After doing the morning pages, I grab a cup of coffee and I take my laptop and I write an entry to my blog post. That’s what I’ve been doing for the second time today.

And it feels soooo different than trying to write something later in the day! Trying to write something after checking my emails, my messages, my social media notifcations etc where I am already being drawn into that web of other people’s stuff. Don’t get me wrong – I like connecting with others and their “stuff” 😊 – my point is though, that when I write first thing, it is much more me. It feels more connected, more real, more soulful.

It will be hard to keep this routine up in the next few days in London with my sister, but I will still find time to write. Because I need to. For myself. And for you, my like-minded friend, whereever you are 🙂💕

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