I have got half a day back ‘in the office’ today just to check emails and prep a few bits. I have had a really lovely Christmas but wow – time just flies sometimes! How can we slow down time and get more out of our days???

Time is a weird thing. I often use the saying ‘Time flies when you are having fun!” – and I think that is true! But, I also think we can slow time down, without losing the fun.

Obviously, we all get the same amount of time, so I am talking about perception here.

I find that time slows down when I am more mindful. When I am present to each and every moment, then a day can seem like forever! In a good way! 😁 When I notice how I feel when I get up, when I take a moment to say ‘good morning’ to the family and check in and see how they are, when I put my phone away and fully participant in the conversations, then I feel like the days are so much longer because it feels like so much has happened that day! Even though it was ‘just’ actually noticing all the things and being fully mindful of them.

I admit that this can sometimes be tough for me, especially when I am around a lot of people for several days, like I have been the last few days. I get easily tired and sometimes, instead of taking a break for myself, I grab my phone and play a game for a while. And though I feel like I am resting and taking a break, I am actually more numbing out. And I know that if I do it too much, then I simply disconnect. And then, all of a sudden, 3 days have passed! I used to do this a lot around family, but though I am still working on it, I have felt the difference this year. Both in terms of me getting way more tired – because I didn’t numb out as much but chose to stay present, but also cos I maybe didn’t take as many breaks as I needed. However, despite the tiredness, I have felt much more connected. And that is what mattered to me this year.

Did I say that choosing to be present can be tiring? Yes, I did. And I mean that! Because when you are fully present and mindful, you are using all of your senses and that can be a bit tiring. Especially if you are not used to it or if you are a highly sensitive person as I am.

For me, staying present (more than just ‘being mindful’), is also about living wholeheartedly and engaging fully with those around you. That means saying how you feel even though it can cause conflict, it means looking after yourself even though you fear judgement, and it means taking those tough conversations that sometimes come up when people get together. It means speaking your truth and holding your ground, but in a respectful and compassionate way. It means sometimes making compromises, but without holding a grudge. Wow – people can be tricky! Haha!

Relationships are such a balancing act! You want to be able to be fully yourself and not feel that you need to change in order to be loved and accepted. However, is it possible to be fully present in a relationship and never compromise just a little bit?? I think there will always be some compromises when we are together…But I think that keeping those compromises to a minimum is key. Because too many compromises on who you are will lead you to grow angry, bitter and harsh. And that’s not who you really are… That’s not who you are at your core.

Went slightly off track there, but what I wanted to say today is that, if you feel like the days are flying by, then slow down by being more mindful, more present. Stop and enjoy your tea/coffee, take the time to fully connect with those around you, make the most of every single moment. 💕

We have only got a few days left of the year – is there anything left for you to do, to say, to be before we jump into 2020?

Plan time for it now and make sure you do it! 😊

If you need help closing 2019 and opening 2020, then I recommend doing the Year Compass – I have done it for years now, and it has become an important ritual for me. 

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