I want to continue on from my post yesterday about taking consistent imperfect action to reach our goals.

In Julia Cameron’s book, The Artist’s Way (that I am facilitating online from mid-January), she calls it Filling the Form. There is always one little step that we can take here and now, to move towards our goal. She talks about it in terms of Creativity, but it goes for everything. If we want to change something in our lives, we need to change something in our lives. But we don’t have to take a big leap of faith and jump head first into something! We can start small.

So, if your dream is to write a book, then the first step is to come up with an idea for that book. Then you need to write it. Then you might look at promoting and selling it. However, most of us don’t get that far at all, because we spend our time and energy worrying about our book not being good enough! So why even start writing it?? 

If your dream is to become a full-time yoga teacher, then the first step is to become a yoga teacher, then start teaching classes and building it from there. Many don’t get that far at all, because they are busy scrolling through Instagram and looking at all the amazing yoga teachers already out there and thinking ‘I will never be as good as them’. So there is no point in me finishing my training.

If your dream is about living more fully and wholeheartedly, then the first step might be to define what that means for you. Because it’s kinda impossible to reach something that you don’t know what is. After defining it, you might start looking at how you can do that. You might think that a daily meditation practice would be beneficial, or you sign up for a course or workshop around using your intuition more or being better able to communicate how you feel. All of these things might help you start to live more fully and wholeheartedly. However, many of us don’t get that far at all, because after the first meditation class we don’t go back. Or we signed up for the workshops, but then get scared about what other people would think if they knew we were doing that, and so we don’t go.

Change requires change. One little step at a time. But this is hard for us, because taking action mean that we actually need to take responsibility for ourselves and our lives and our situations. And many of us are actually happy enough just complaining about life, and feeling ‘ok’ about things and only once in a while we feel so fed up with it all that we feel like we are about to explode!! But, when we realise that we actually have to take action, then we think…ah well, maybe things aren’t too bad after all.

And that’s ok. If you don’t actually want to change and achieve your goals and live the live you want, that’s ok. Stay where you are. However, if you really really want to transform your life, you have got to start taking action. However scary it feels, however small it seems initially. You have got to start filling the form and do the work. Even if it’s just a small first step.

So, for your book, it might be to actually schedule some time to brainstorm ideas and to take time to actually start writing out some thoughts about what you want to do.

To become that yoga teacher, you want to actually sign up for a certification course and attend classes and do your studying. 

To live wholeheartedly and more fully, you want to start by looking at what that even means for you. Break it down. Is it specific goals you want to achieve? Specific things you want to do? Is it more of a feeling you want to have? Break it down, so you know what it is and then get specific about how you can start living that.

You don’t need to wait until tomorrow or New Years eve or next year to make changes. You can start now, today, by taking the first simple step. 

And, if you know that you are stuck because you are feeling scared and lost about what you want, then get support to move forward.

This is what I help my clients with. Helping them get clear on what it is they want from life, and then mapping out how to get there and then taking action to make it real. So perhaps your first simple step is to book a 30 minutes free discovery call with me, to see how I can help you with the next step. I will make it easy for you – you can book your free discovery call right here.

And if you are interested in getting support around living more creatively and wholeheartedly in a group setting, then I recommend you check out the Artist’s Way Workshop that starts on January 16th. There is an early bird price until December 31st – you can get all the details here.

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